In this video we will see how to remove and install a rear hub cassette in order to clear sprocket or replace damaged parts.



Today we’re going to see how to remove and install the rear hub cassette in order to clean or replace the sprockets. 
To do so, we will need a cassette lockring tool to remove the securing nut and a chain whip to hold in place the cassette to loosen the nut. In case we don’t have the chain whip is it not posible to loosen the securing nut due to the cassette will turn. We need to secure the cassette with the chain whip to do that. Once the nut is loosen we can remove parts.

Now that everything  is clean or new it’s time to install parts. To do so, we have to look for the thinner spline, as parts have position into the hub. To tighten the securing nut we only need the cassette lockring tool as the cassette won’t turn clockwise. Tighten it fully.Now you know how to remove and install your rear hub cassette. Hope it helps and see you in the next video!

Well, hope it has been useful, And remember that all of your component and bicycle manipulation is under your responsability. We are not responsible of it, so take care :D 
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