In today's video we're going to learn how to disassemble an e-thirteen hub to inspect pawls and see how it works internally. Lets see what we find!



To remove the axel, you first need to remove the cap's safety bolt which avoids the wheel having free play.

 Use an size 3 allen key.  To remove the axel, if you are not able with your fingers, you can use a 17 spanner on one side and with an 18 on the other side.

 In order to be able  to unscrew the cap, you need to spin it clockwise, once it's done, to remove the one piece axel, you will pull and twist anticlockwise at the same time. It's important that you pull ant twist backwards all at the same time.

 To reassemble the axel in the wheel, you have to press the pawls, as you can see the pawls bend, so you need to press them as you are inserting the axel, making sure that you are pushing and  twisting anticlockwise.

 Then we only have to screw the cap back on, using the 17 and 18 spanner,  and then tighten the safety bolt.

  Now your wheel is ready to play.

 As you have seen, it's a normal hub like any other so if you have to open it, don't worry, go for it.

 We Hope this video's been helpful. See you soon.

Translated by Pablo Ferrer-Cid