In today's tutorial we are going to see how to centre the brake caliper with the brake disk in order for them to work perfectly together, avoiding friction between disk and caliper which would cause uneven wear of the disk and pads.



You will Use a size 5 Allen key. With some Avid braking systems you will require a Torx T25 key.
First you loosen the two bolts, centre the brake caliper and then tighten and check the wheel spins freely with no friction.

To centre the caliper you start by loosening the two bolts that anchor it to the frame. Once the bolts are loose you check the caliper is loose too.

In order to allows the pistons in the caliper to work properly you press the brake lever. This will fix the caliper to the disk, meaning it is now centred.

Once we have checked the cailper is centred, we tighten slightly the bolts and spin the wheel to check if there are any frictions. If the wheel spins freely, brake slowly -- if you brake too hard the caliper might move again.
Check again that the wheel spins freely.

Remember no to tighten too much the first bolt before tightening the second a bit too. If you doo, the caliper might move and not be centred again.

Well, hope it has been useful, now you know how to centre your caliper to allow the pistons to work correctly and get even wear on the pads.

Translation & voice dubbing Pablo Ferrer-Cid (