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The cycling Training turbo trainers have experienced a real revolution in recent years. Thanks to the incorporation of the new technologies Nowadays it is possible to train inside the living room and have the feeling of being rolling in any place of the world, thanks to the known as "Virtual Cycling simulator". It is also possible to control all performance parameters thanks to a multitude of systems and applications.

But not all the training turbo trainers incorporate so many innovations and for this reason it is necessary to know all the types of turbo trainers that you can find in CoreBicycle:

Turbo trainers according to fixing system:

  • Balancing turbo trainer: It is the simplest, most economical and simple system. It is recommended for experienced cyclists and good technique. The turbo trainer consists of 3 spherical "cylinders" , one front and two of backs. On top you put the bike without any restraint and then the cyclist starts to give pedals. When operating by inertia SI at some point you stop pedaling the bike stops at the moment being able to cause falls. There is no system to regulate pedaling resistance.
  • fixed turbo trainer with controllable resistance: It is the most popular system among cyclists. This system consists of securing the wheel afterA to a fixed stand that incorporates a turbo trainer, while the front wheel is fastened with a stand. For this turbo trainer is not necessary to have technique or balance and you can also regulate the resistance that the turbo trainer offers at any time, being able to carry out a very complete training.

Fixed turbo trainers According to the technology:

  • Magnetic Training Turbo trainer: It is the most affordable and popular. The resistance is produced by Magnet s and you can regulate the intensity at all times. They are noisy but occupy little space.
  • Hydraulic Training Turbo trainer: The resistance is regulated by hydraulic fluid. They are more realistic but the resistance can only be varied through the change of gears of the bicycle. It's quieter but less economical.
  • hydraulic turbo trainer with direct transmission: The bicycle has no rear wheel and is the chain that is hooked to the turbo trainer. When there is no friction with the wheel it is possible to minimize the noise. The hydraulic system allows to vary the resistance in a comfortable and very realistic way. The price is the highest.

Now each cyclist can choose which is the turbo trainer that best suits their needs and complete it with all the accessories and complements that can be found in the search engine and the CoreBicyclecycling product. They include the world's most prestigious brands such as: Tacx, Elite, CycleOps, Kinetic, Minoura, Cinelli, Giant, Elite, Jet Black, Bkool, Blackburn, Massi, LifeLine, Wahoo, RooDol, Feedback, Sports, Fwe,...

And the turbo trainer models most used and valued by cyclists, for example:

  • Turbo trainer Massi CM-1480
  • Turbo trainer Tacx T-2600
  • Turbo trainer ELITE QUBO Fluid
  • Turbo trainer Elite Turbo Muin
  • Turbo trainer Tacx T-1000 Antares

What are the online best seller turbo training turbo trainers by cyclists?

We present a small list of them ^_^

Magnetic training Turbo trainer with elevator life TT-01

An excellent quality-price ratio turbo trainer. It has a 6-speed magnetic resistance and a realistic progressive power curve that faithfully emulates the pedaling sensation. It is also suitable for the most of 700C's 26 "common bicycles.

TacX Vortex Smart Training Turbo trainer

A smart and interactive turbo trainer with electronic brake. Capable of reaching a maximum resistance of 950 watts and with a realistic slope of up to 7%; All at an incredible price. What could np like about him?

TacX Flux Smart Turbo trainer

An interactive, direct-attach turbo trainer capable of providing a superrealist feel without maintenance. With a powerful engine of 1500 watts and a maximum slope of 10%. The flux will be the perfect training partner to prepare for next season.

TACX Neo Smart Direct Fixing turbo trainer

The Neo Tacx offers the best in power and intelligence. Besides being the quietest! Enjoy a 2200-watt engine of slopes up to 25% tilt.

Bkool Smart Pro Turbo trainer

Bkool Smart Pro Training Turbo trainer will allow you to train from home without bad weather outside prevents you. The new turbo trainer presented by the Bkool brand can reach 1,200 watts with a progressive curve that will give the feeling of being trained and/or competing outdoors. In addition, the Smart Pro is highly silent (64 DBA) and stable and will not take up much space when storing.

The Bkool Smart Pro Training Turbo trainer is compatible with .5 ", 650c, 26", 29 ", 700c (28") Wheels.

This training roll that gives us the brand Bkool has interactive software and guarantees greater realism that will make your workout more enjoyable.

Tacx I-Genius multiplayer Smart Home Turbo trainer T2010

The Tacx i-Genius multiplayer Smart turbo trainer will allow you to perform the best workouts without leaving the home. With a maximum power of 1,500 W in the rear wheel that is activated in the descents and a slope simulation of up to 20% in ascent and 5% in descents. In addition, this new TACX brand turbo trainer can be used with any bike.

Black Z1 Pro Jet fluid Turbo trainer with SQR and App

The Jet Black Z1 Pro Training Turbo trainer will allow you to train with total performance with your bike without leaving the house. Having been elaborated with hydrogel, the noise produced by friction will be reduced by 55%, as well as the tyre wear by 28-30%.

The new Jet Black Z1 Pro Turbo trainer can be used in 700c, 29, ' 5, 26 and 24 wheel sizes. In addition, the SQR technology will make it easier for you to mount the turbo trainer every time you go to use it. With the purchase of this turbo trainer, it includes a free Application for both Android and IOS system that consists of Audio training sessions, Read and Ride sessions, Gear Recommendations, Goal Cadence, Session Time, session profiles.

Jet Black R1 Aluminum Turbo trainer with Lite App

The JetBlack R1 Training Turbo trainer will allow you to train from home with your bike and with maximum performance. This turbo trainer also does not include any type of fastening of the bicycle either at the front or rear; This detail will guarantee a greater freedom of movement when training with the bike because even so, the roll R1 will be the same sure other models that keep it attached.

The new roll turbo trainer model that has brought the Jet Black brand to the market can easily be stored in a compact way so that it occupies the minimum space when stored.

Realtour Elite Turbo trainer

Thanks to the new model of turbo trainer that gives us the Elite brand, you will be able to train with the bicycle and with the maximum performance from home. Your constant connection with your PC will allow you to perform trainings in a personalized way; In addition the RealTour technology will give you tours through RealVideo with which you will be able to live the best stages of the Tour de France, the Giro d'italia among others.

The Elastogel turbo trainer guarantees a 20% reduction in tyre wear, as well as 50% of the noise.

Real E-Motion Elite Training Turbo trainer

The Elite brand introduces us to the new Real E-Motion turbo trainer model with which you can train from home with maximum performance. This Elite turbo trainer can reach 600 Watts at 30 km/h and also allows to simulate slopes of up to 6-8%.


The connection of the turbo trainer with the PC will be done using the ANT wireless system.

The dimensions of the Real E-Motion Elite Training Turbo trainer are 1700 x 656 x 160 mm.

Kinetic Cyclone Training Turbo trainer T-2500

The new Kinetic Cyclone T-2500 Training Turbo trainer is an ideal model for pre-workout training/heating. This turbo trainer can be used with wheel mountain bikes 29 "and has a full suspension inertia flywheel of a 1kg that will provide the best feeling when pedaling.

Turbo trainer Bkool Smart Go + Simulator Pack Premium

Intelligent turbo trainer compact size, connectivity for Plug & Play and very powerful.

  • Powerful: You can reach up to 800W. Playing outstanding up to 8%.
  • Wireless: Wireless, could connect external devices with Bluetooth and ANT +.
  • Super stable: telescopic legs which give greater stability during training.
  • Compact and lightweight: folding frame with a weight of 9.85 kg is detachable in two pieces.
  • Silent: noise emission is 75dB to 30 Km/h (e.g.; two people conversing can be between 40 and 80 dB).
  • Plug & Play: easy to assemble, no need calibration. The wheel conforms to the turbo trainer.
  • Universal: compatible with all sizes of wheel: from 20 inches to 29 inches.

Discover the 5 advantages of using turbo training

  1. Improve your pedaling technique.
  2. Strengthen your mind with the discipline required by the turbo trainer.
  3. Avoid inclement weather and darkness.
  4. Better control your get-togethers and beats.
  5. When the bad weather ends, we'll see who's stronger! ;)

Tacx Flux Intelligent Turbo trainer

The Tacx Flux is a direct, interactive, super realistic, and maintenance-free intelligent turbo trainer. With a powerful 1,500 W motor and a 10% maximum tilt range, the Flux is the perfect training partner to prepare for the upcoming Emporada.

Tacx Neo Direct Fixation Intelligent Turbo trainer

"The best turbo trainer with the most performance".

The Neo Tacx offers the best in power and intelligence, as well as being the quietest! Enjoy a ,200 W engine and inclinations of up to 25%!

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.


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