Tubular Cement - Bicycle/Bike Wheel / Rim / Tire

¿What are the Tubular Cement for your  Wheel / Rim / Tire Bicycle/Bike best sellers?

  • Vittoria Colle Mastik One pro tubes 30g-vittoria
  • Schwalbe 50ml liquid application bottle Easy fit Assembly-Schwalbe
  • Schwalbe 6 Glueless Patches Kit-Schwalbe
  • Continental glue aluminum tube Rim of 25 GR-Continental
  • Professional Tire Glue Challenge
  • Tubular Glue Schwalbe 90gr
  • Carbon Tubular glue canister
  • CONTINENTAL Tubular Glue jar
  • Adhesive roll for tubular Velox Jantex
  • Full suspension-sided adhesive tape for Tubular road-Reek 19 mm
  • Adhesive tape for tubular Velox Jantex 14 18 mm
  • Glue for Tubular Hutchinson 25 GR
  • Mavic Punción Preventative and tubular tires 120ml-Mavic
  • Schwalbe-Tubular Cement
  • Continental-Tubular Cement for Carbon Rims
  • Schwalbe Glue for Tubular 180ml
  • Continental Carbon Rim Cement-25g Tube-NA
  • Glue for Tubular Velox Tubasti
  • Vredestein-Tubular Cement
  • Continental-Tubular Cement for Alloy Rims
  • Tubular Adhesive Tape Gluing Tape
  • CONTINENTAL mastic TUBULAR 350gr Aluminum
  • Tubular Glue tube Carbon Continental 25gr
  • CONTINENTAL mastic TUBULAR 200gr for Carbon
  • Tube 25gr. CONTINENTAL mastic TUBULAR
  • Continental 200gr carbon tubular glue boat

How to remove the tubular cement from rims?

Learn how to do it in the video-tutorial ^_^

How to use tubular tail on tires/tubular wheels?

More and more people are decided by the use of wheels with tubular, especially since the prices of the options of high carbon profile have been democratized, especially by the accessibility to the market of the Far East.

The doubt comes from how to stick the tubular. Some decide to use the full suspension-sided tape method for the relative ease of it. Then I detail the process of gluing tubular using Mastik or tubular glue. The method is based on the recommended by Dugast, one of the most exquisite brands in the world of tubular.

After having tried both systems, the gluing favors and increases the performance as well as transmits better driving sensations.


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