Tubeless Kits / Tubeless sealing liquid / Tubeless repair Kit

In the category Kits tubeless You will be able to find all the necessary material to convert your wheels without tube system or wheels with tubeless system.

Tubeless Kits / Tubeless sealing liquid / Tubeless repair Kit

The tubeless wheels are those that do not use tube inside, as is the case of cars, to cite some example. These kits have different parts, for example:

  • Rim tape: to avoid air leaks in the spoke connections
  • Air Valve cap adaptor: To make the different valve versions compatible
  • Sealing Liquid: Located inside the tyre to avoid possible punctures

It is important to note that the first time the wheels are inflated once the tubeless system is used, it is advisable to swell the wheels with a high pressure compressor (at any petrol station) to ensure that the tyre is completely attached to the Rim.

In the search engine of CoreBicycle we offer the best brands in Tubeless kits such as: stans No tubes, Cinelli, Continental, Effetto, Mavic, Schwalbe, DT Swiss, VAR... and also the possibility to buy all the elements of the Kit separately.


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