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The urban cyclists who use the bike to move to work, go shopping, walk... and do not use specific nets or culottes for cycling are in danger of dirtying your trousers, or worse, that engage between the Chain and chainring and in addition to dirty are bored and useless.

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For this reason the trouser rings and bracelet s are an accessory of great simplicity and usefulness. This hoop holds the trousers to the leg so that the trousers are located far away from the chain and chainring. It is very simple to put and remove, barely weighs and does not occupy space, so you can keep it in any pocket.

Some of these bracelets, tweezers or clamping rings incorporate high visibilityreflective bands, which at the same time make you more visible. This way you can improve the safety of cyclists by increasing visibility and allowing other drivers to see you long before.

In the search engine and compared to CoreBicycle Cycling products We put at your fingertips a wide variety of hoops, tweezers and bracelets to hold the trousers and prevent them from engaging with the chain. To use it is very simple: you only have to filter in the category clothes by trouser grip s and you will be able to find a great tweezers, rings and bracelets for the trousers of the main brands worldwide.

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