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Within the track Bikes category you will find a wide variety of bicycles destined to be used in velodromes and tracks. These track bikes, also known as Sprint , have some peculiarities.

The most important is that they work with the fixed sprocketsystem. This fact implies not wearing brakes. The way used to brake on the track bikes is to pedal less intensely until the bike stops.

The main materials with which the frames of the track bikes are made are: aluminium, titanium, steel, carbon fibre and even bamboo.

The fact of not using brake and change mechanisms make these track bikes very light with weights ranging from 7 to 8.5 kilos.

The Best seller 2017 - 2018 Track Bicycles

The mounted wheels are used to be 700c made of carbon with sticks or lenticular radii, to improve aerodynamics.

Some of the most relevant models of the track bikes you can find at CoreBicycle are:

  • Track Bike Cannondale Track CAAD 10
  • Track Bike Genesis Madison Track
  • Track Bike Giant Omnium Track
  • Track Bike Mekk T1
  • Track Bike Fuji 2015 Track Pro

The bicycles known as Time trial or Time Trial and popularly called "cabras" (in spanish) by their handlebars, stand out mainly by the spectacular design of their paintings and the handlebars that they mount.

These bikes are used for cycling tests against the clock; Competitions consisting of travelling a certain route using the shortest possible time. In this modality of road cycling You can compete individually or by teams.

The clock bikes do not have many differences with the road bikes but to design them are used all available means such as the "wind tunnel" to provide them with the best conditions Aerodynamic, while using lighter materials such as carbon or titanium to make the frames and hairpins. Another relevant factor in the counter-clock bikes are the wheels. Wheels with high rim profiles, pole radii or even lenticular wheels are used to improve the aerodynamic profile of the wheels. All this in order to offer the least resistance to the wind.

The last clearly differential aspect lies in the handlebars. For these bicycles, handlebars with aerodynamic bar end s are used to make the cyclist adopt a comfortable posture at the same time as aerodynamics. Besides the bike cyclists also suitable their wardrobe to improve the aerodynamic s wearing specific helmets, sportful and specially adjusted clothes. All in order to scratch seconds to the clock lowering the friction of the air.

In the search engine of cycling products of CoreBicycle we have integrated the best online sales stores national and international we can show many options and give the possibility that our users find the best price when buying their TT bicycle among the best brands such as: Cannondale, Specialized, Quintana Roo, Felt, forme, Boardman bikes, BMC, Scott, Giant, Fuji, Cinelli, GT, Raleigh, Vitus...

Do you want to know the novelties in online shopping on bicycles Time trial 2017 - 2018?

BMC Timemachine TM01 Ultegra DI2 Triathlon Bike

This is a veritable break-in chronometers. The shapes in the frame are elongated to allow for greater aerodynamic gain. It emphasizes its electronic change, with which it is possible to change in the two positions of the handlebar. All the series components are equipped for an TT bike: saddle, handlebar and wheels with profile.

Orbea Ordu Bike M-10-I Team 2017 - 2018

Everything around the Ordu M10-I Team 2017 is focused on gaining speed: the coated chainring, saddle with the shortened tip to improve the body position, the Vision handlebar, which can be regulated and adapted to perfection and long and wide tubes with Which the air collides with less intensity. The changes are smooth and precise thanks to the groupset Shmano Dura-Ace Di2.

Scott Plasma 20 2017 - 2018 Triathlon Bike

The Scott Plasma 20 2017 Triathlon bike is perfect for users who want to compete against the clock or finish polishing their workout. After years of development and improvement Scott has consguido with this painting one of the best aerodynamic coefficient s in the wind tunnel. The geometry is focused on maximizing speed and getting stability when you roll it fast. Finally, the rear brake is hidden underneath the frame.

Using the CoreBicycle search engine is very simple: you only have to filter inside bicycles by counter-clock bikes and you will find the most popular models used by cyclists, for example:

  • Time Trial bike Felt B12
  • TT bike Boardman Elite Air
  • Time Trial bike Cannondale Slice
  • TT bike Quintana Roo PR Six
  • TT bike Specialized Shiv Expert
  • Time Trial bike Specialized S-Works Shiv TT


Here in the CoreBicycle Cycling Product searcher You will be able to find in the fastest and easiest way a lot of track bikes, also known as Sprint with the best prices.


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