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Within the category sunglasses – Spare parts You can find the necessary elements such as lenses and sideburn s so that your cycling goggle s fit all conditions.

Eye protection is a very delicate subject, for this reason the main brands such as Oakley, Shimano, IXS, Madison or Dual manufacture crystals and lenses with different degree of protection against solar radiation. This way they can offer the maximum protection to the cyclists in any climatic condition.

In addition to protecting from the sun, the cycling goggle s also protect the eyes from possible blows of stones, twigs and wind. That is why in the category sun glasses – Spare parts You will also find transparent or special lenses for Niebla so that you can protect your eyes on cloudy or low visibility days without losing the slightest vision capacity.

Buy online all spare parts for cycling sunglasses: sideburns, lenses, crystals...?

Glasses for cycling goggles Oakley Half Jacket .0 XL photochromatic

The replacement glass/glass for the new Oakley Half Jacket .0 XL sunglasses has been developed using the High Definition Optics Technology, which will be in charge of providing the highest level of vision quality when you go out to enjoy your bike. These Plutonite lenses filter 100% of the harmful eye light in addition to UV rays and has great protection against impact at high speeds and considerable size.

The glass of the sunglasses Oakely Half Jacket .0 XL when photo chromatic will automatically adapt to the outdoor light so that the rider has the maximum comfort when leaving the bike.

Pin/spare crankset cycling sunglasses Oakley Radar

Thanks to the spare pins of the Oakley Radar cycling sunglasses You will be able to personalize your sunglasses to your liking. In addition, these sideburns can be found in different colors to choose the one that best combines you.

The spare cranksets of the Oakley Radar cycling sunglass es have been made with flexible and fixed Unobtainium material that also has an excellent grip even with good perspiration.

Replacement lens Cycling Sunglasses Oakley Flak .0 XL Polarized Black Jade

The replacement glass of the Oakley Flak .0 XL Cycling sunglass es when polarized, rejects 99% of the reflected light without fog or distorts the vision; In addition these sunglasses lenses have greater protection, comfort and performance.

The replacement glass of cycling sunglasses Oakley Flak .0 XL Polarized has been developed with High Definition Optics Technology, ensuring excellent quality, both vision and manufacturing, as well as a great Resistance.

Replacement lens Cycling Sunglasses Oakley Radar Ev Path

The replacement lenses of the Oakley Radar EV Path Cycling sunglasses allow you to have higher optical performance and also unmatched protection as you will be safe from UV.

The replacement glass of the Oakley Radar EV Path sunglass es ensures the best quality of vision when you go out to enjoy your bike.

Spare lens for cycling goggles Oakley M2

The spare glass of the Oakley M2 cycling sunglass es have been made with Plutonite resistant material. This spare glass, allows approximately 30% of light to pass, to offer the maximum comfort during the pedaling on very sunny days. The Oakley M2 sunglasses spare lenses will allow the cyclist to go out and train with a high quality of vision and great clarity in the images.

Shimano S40X Adjustable Nasal bridge

The Shimano brand S40X nasal bridge has been developed using a light steel wire frame but also has a high strength, durability and flexibility. For greater comfort, this nasal bridge has been manufactured in such a way that it is easy and quick to adjust.

Once you have exchanged the nasal bridge of your sunglasses, you can continue to enjoy your bike routes.


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