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The main function of the cycling goggle s is to protect cyclists ' eyes from all elements that may hinder vision, such as: Wind, sun, rain, insects, dust...

At present there are a wide variety of sun glass es whether in sun, or not and the vast majority have the possibility of exchanging the lenses to be able to choose the most suitable to the different climatic conditions like the sun, covered skies, fog...

The last great contribution and technological novelty that incorporates the sun glasses are the photochromatic lenses. These lenses have the ability to adapt their color depending on the amount of light they detect.In more shady areas or darker days the lenses become transparent, while when the sun shines brightly, the lens darkens to protect the eyes from possible lightings.


This fantastic process happens thanks to the insertion of materials such as copper chloride or silver chloride that when they detect light their particles join or separate according to the amount of light received. Certainly the technology brings great benefits to cyclists.

The main characteristics of photochromatic sun Glass es and consequently any cycling goggles are:

  • Resistant Lenses: The lenses protect the eyes and they must be highly resistant especially to the breakage because in case of breaking in small pieces the eyes would suffer irreparable damage.

They must also withstand the scratches and chafing they may suffer.

  • Comfort and lightness: glasses should be comfortable and light at the same time as they are used for many hours and any inconvenience they produce can be very annoying.
  • speed of adaptation to light: In case of photochromatic lenses, the speed at which they adapt to light is very important to avoid glare. The better the lenses are and the more logical the price also increases.
  • photo Chromatic Sensitivity range: The greater the adaptation to low or light conditions, the better performances and sensations are going to be received by cyclists.

Another important factor that is sometimes not paid much attention related to the goggle s used to practice cycling is the ability to avoid fogging. Mainly in winter when using tissues, buffs, masks and other elements to protect the face of the cold it is common that the lenses of the spectacle s are fogging and impede the vision. For this reason, the large manufacturers design lenses capable of preventing them from fogginging. Slots are generally used between the mount and the glass to allow air circulation and thus prevent the lens from foging.

Within the sun glass es section You can choose from a wide range of sunglasses from the most recognizable brands such as:Oakley, Endura, Tifosi, Red Bull Racing, Dragon, BBB, Adidas, Salice, Nike, Northwave, Electric, Alpina, Eassun, Madison, Uvex, Gloryfy, Spiuk, Smith, Komono, POC, Rudy Project, Ray Ban, Shimano...


In the search engine and compared to CoreBicycle Cycling Products we have integrated the best online sales stores national and international. We can show many options and give the possibility that our users find the best price to buy all the sun glasses for the bike and choose between more recognized models like:

  • Oakley Jawbreaker
  • Poc Do Low Polarized
  • Spiuk Arqus
  • BBB Select Special Edition
  • Catlike D Lux
  • Catlike Maverick
  • Uvex Sunsation
  • Adidas Eyewear Evil Eye Halfim Pro
  • Endura Rainbow
  • Northwave Switch

Where to buy cheapest cycling sunglasses online?

Cycling Sunglasses Oakley Triggerman

The Oakley Triggerman sunglass es have three lens attachment points through a very precise optical alignment to eliminate pressure points. In addition, the gums of the Unobtainium rods next to the nasal bridge will increase the grip, thus preventing the sunglasses from slipping. The saddle has been made with O-Matter material, thus guaranteeing a great resistance and being both light and comfortable.

The lenses that incorporate the goggles of Gol Oakley Triggerman are Plutonite; This lens provides great UV protection as it filters out 100% of UVB UVA rays,, UVC and Dangerous eye radiations, up to 400 nm.


Cycling sunglasses Catlike Dlux BBS Black Matte 2016

The sun glasses Catlike Dlux BBS stand out for their lightness, ergonomics and resistance. They have been made with a saddle that fits perfectly and also has non-slip material for greater comfort. The Blue blocker lenses reduce the sun's reflection, improving color contrast and increasing rider comfort. It will also guarantee the best protection against blue and UV light.

The lenses of these brand Catlike sunglasses are easily interchangeable.

Cycling Sunglasses Oakley Jawbreaker

The new Oakley sunglasses Jawbreaker are a good choice as sunglasses for cyclists as they provide an excellent field of view in the upper peripheral area. In addition, the Switchlock lenses are interchangeable in a simple and quick way. The High Definition Optics Technology ensures a clear and sharp view at any angle allowing you to be able to enjoy the maximum during the outings with the bicycle.

These Oakley brand sunglasses feature Unobtanium nasal sticks and platelets that ensure maximum grip when you go out and train.

Cycling Sunglasses Oakley Flak 2.0 XL Polarized Black Jade

The new Oakley Flak 2.0 Sunglasses Polarized have a standard size mount but with a higher quality visual field. In addition, this mount has been made with O-Matic material which is super lightweight providing the best comfort in each workout. Each millimeter of the lenses of these sunglasses have the High Definition Optics Technology; This manufacturing technology guarantees a clear and clean vision.

The Goggles Oakley Flak 2.0 Polarized have been devised with the aim of offering a visibility without limits and having a high level of grip thanks to the gums of Unontanium.

Bicycle sunglasses Oakley Radar EV Path Prizm Road Uranium

Oakley does not present the new Radas EV Path Prizm Road sunglasses Urnaium which have been developed with the Prizm technology in the lenses. This technology will be in charge of providing greater clarity in vision when going out with the bike. In addition, these sunglasses have been designed to let the air through getting a high level of ventilation.

The nasal rods and platelets of these sunglasses have been made with Unobtanium material which will make them have an excellent gripping system.

Bicycle Sunglasses Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL

The XYZ Optics technology with Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 sunglass es will expand vision quality; In addition, it is important to emphasize that the curvature of the lens will open a peripheral vision. These sunglasses lenses Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL can be reemplazadasde easily and quickly.

The O-Matter Mount will guarantee the user a great resistance, in addition to offering comfort and protection. The rods and the nasal bridge have been manufactured using Unobtanim material , thus increasing the gripping sensation.

Bike Sunglasses Cycling Salice 006 RW Italia

The new Salice 006 RW Cycling Sunglasses feature a very streamlined style. These sunglasses have UV400 treatment, which means that it offers 100% UVA, UVC and UVBprotection. These 006 eyeglass lenses are easily interchangeable and also feature an antireflective coating.

The Salice 006 RW Cycling sunglass es Mount has been manufactured in a way that has good grip.


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