Cycling/Bicycle/Bike Sports bras

Cycling/Bicycle/Bike Sports bras

The main function of the sport Bras is to hold the breasts reducing the movement. This fact can occur in two different ways:

  • by recollection: wrapping the breasts and achieving a good grip
  • Compression: Pressing against the rib structure limits its movement.

Within the sport Bras There are different levels of adjustment depending on the sport you want to practice. In case of cycling it is advisable to use "medium impact"fasteners.

In addition to chest fastening, sports bras must also provide the following qualities:

  • Comfort: Allowing good freedom of movement
  • Perspiration: They must prevent the sweat from being impregnated in the body allowing it to go outside keeping the skin dry
  • suitable fasteners and suspenders: avoid chafing and rubbing with the skin while offering comfort
  • Avoid friction: they should be able to sweat enough to prevent them from causing any abrasion or friction on the skin

When it is sport and in particular cycling it is very important to dress properly and to use the garments that most adapt to our body. For this reason the choice of the correct sport bra is very important to obtain a good comfort and well-being during the practice of cycling.

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