Radios/Radios bicycle wheel/reconstruction kit for wheel/kit radios

The spoke s are a thin bar generally made in stainless steel that joins the outer part (RIM) with the inside (hub) of the wheel. The main function of the spoke s is to equip the wheel with consistency and to maintain it with a uniform and straight turn at all times.

There are several types of spoke :

  • Uniform thickness Spokes: sturdy and cheap with virtually no cushioning, not recommended for quality bicycles
  • Aerodynamic Spokes: they support large loads and their aerodynamic profile gives them a great beauty. They are used in road and mountain bikes
  • variable thickness radii: They are the ones that meet the best damping capacities, they can be full suspension or Triple thickness. Mainly used in mountain bikes in Cross-Country and downhill modes.

In the CoreBicycle Cycling Product Searcher and benchmark we offer you a wide variety of spoke s of all sizes, materials, profiles and colors for your bike, including the reference brands such as: Mavic, Cole, DT Swiss, Shimano, XLC, Sapim, Champion, Cinelli...


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