Cycling shorts/MTB shorts/Culottes cycling/Culottes indoor/short cycling shorts

Inside the shorts to practice Cycling We can find different types of trousers that adapt to the different modalities for which they have been designed. The main types of cycling shorts are as follows:

Cycling/Bicycle/Bike Shorts:

We understand short shorts The tight trousers that incorporates padding, can use suspenders or not and is used for cycling Road, Cyclocross, track and mountain biking modalities such as Rally or Cross Country. The shorts is the most important garment to be able to practice cycling in a comfortable way and avoid pain in the perineal area and pelvic bones. Due to the fact of spending many hours seated in the saddle the bib shorts is the best ally for any cyclist.

The main characteristics that a bib must fulfil are:

  • Made with breathable and body-adjustable materials such as Polyester, Spandex, Nylon or Polyamid e, among others.
  • Avoid seams in areas such as crotch
  • Incorporate a pad made with materials that allow to evacuate the sweat and that are hypoallergenic.

Cycling/Bicycle/Bike MTB Shorts:

MTB shorts are used for the modalities of descent or Enduro mainly. Unlike the shorts, these pants are wide cut and do not incorporate padding. In some models, protections are inserted in the side areas to protect the thighs from possible impacts in the event of a fall. They are made with sturdy fabrics and elastic enough to offer a good comfort to the riders. Due to the fact of not including padding most models incorporates the Clickfast system that allows to quickly and easily join the MTB short with an interior bib shorts.

Cycling Inner Shorts:

The underwear shorts is used in the modalities of descent and Enduro mainly. They keep a great resemblance to the culottes but are made with finer materials and do not use braces. They incorporate padding with a not very high thickness and allows the riders to wear the MTB shorts on top.


Because of the different anatomy between men and women, manufacturers of cycling shorts clearly differentiate their models between those destined for men and those for women. The pad is the place where the main difference between the two trousers is, since they are made to protect the most sensitive areas in each case.

To practice cycling in a comfortable and pleasant way the choice of a trouser suitable to the person who uses it and the modality to be used is a key factor and determinant to enjoy cycling. A bad choice can lead to pain, injury, discomfort and loss of the desire to practice cycling.

To choose the size of perfect cycling shorts it is necessary to take into account two measures: the contour of the waist on one side and the length of the legs taken from the inner zone, on the other. Based on these two measures you can choose the perfect size for each rider.


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Shorts with Enduro Hummvee 2016-2017

Ultra-durable shorts made of Teflon-treated nylon. It features two large back pockets with velcro, two large zippered front pockets, a cargo pocket and a zippered pocket for mobile phone.

These MTB shorts have been the Test Winner according to MBR.


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