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Best MTB/Mountain Bike (enduro, downhill, all mountain), BMX and road cycling boots / cycling shoes - Flat and Clipless

Within the Cycling Footwear category there is a great range of shoes that encompass all possible cycling disciplines, from Mountain Bike, in any of its modalities (Downhill, Enduro, Cross Country/XC, all mountain, ...), to BMX and Dirtjump, through to road cycling/bicycle modality.

Each of these modalities requires a pair of shoes with some very specific characteristics that we will now detail:

  • BMX shoes, Dirtjump Cycling shoes: These are the most similar to conventional walking shoes. The soles are smooth and have small grooves to improve grip with the pedal. They are tied by laces and do not wear coats.
  • MTB Downhill Footwear: They have the smooth outsole with small stretch marks. The sole is rubberized for a better grip, laced with laces and does not use coats, although they can be used.
  • MTB Enduro, XC / Cross Country shoes: The sole is tough but flexible enough to provide comfort, it is made of rubber and incorporates tacos in the sole to improve grip during the stretches you make on foot. The closing system is mixed between cords, Velcro and high-end Micrometric adjustments. Do not incorporate large areas of ventilation to prevent water and mud from penetrating. They can be low profile or incorporate boot above the ankle. Include treadmills specific to mountain bike that do not disturb while walking
  • Road bike Footwear: The sole is totally hardtail. They incorporate coats type "Clipless" that are of a quite big size and do not allow walking much since the wear of the coves is produced with facility. They are made with materials as light as possible and incorporate good ventilation holes and fabrics with grid to improve perspiration. For the closing system Velcro tapes and Micrometric fasteners are used


Here in the CoreBicycle search engine you will find shoes from all the modalities of the best brands in the world: Shimano, Mavic, Giro, Sidi, Northwave, Gaerne, DMT, Spiuk, Catlike, Specialized, Five Ten, Bontrager, Scott, Fizik, Pearl Izumi, Vans, Bont, Lake, Garneau, Diadora ...

The top 10 cycling shoes (MTB/Mountain Bike -enduro, downhill and all mountain-, BMX and road) most wanted

And the models most wanted and used by cyclists such as:

  • Five Ten Impact MTB Cycling Shoe
  • Mavic Crossmax XC/enduro Cycling Shoe
  • Cycling shoes Spiuk Uhra
  • Sidi Genius Cycling Shoes
  • Cycling shoes Shimano XC30
  • Cycling shoes Spiuk 15 Road Carbon – Road Bicycle


Do you want to buy the cheapest and best online cycling road and MTB shoes?

DMT Pegasus Women's Trainers Shoes

The new Pegasus DTM road cycling shoe is a footwear model designed and made with the best materials and of the highest quality so that women cyclists can slip on their shoes with the best performance and with the best comfort.

These road shoes have been made with a BOA fit-adjustment system and Velcro straps to fit tightly to the feet. The sole of FG Concept that has fiberglass combined with nylon. The Pegasus DTM incorporates a micro-diamond mesh tongue with two ventilation holes.

Catlike Whisper Road Cycling Shoes

The new Whisper bicycle shoes that have brought to market the prestigious Catlike brand are the perfect model of footwear when it comes to training with the MTB bike. With Whisper footwear you will have maximum comfort.

The Catlike Whisper has been developed with a Graphene and Nylon sole with the aim of increasing stiffness and strength while maintaining the lightness of these shoes. In addition, the sole of these shoes has been designed to fit perfectly to the foot and provide an excellent grip when you need it most. The new model of shoes of the brand Catlike has 11 ventilation channels to obtain the ideal temperature and they have a system of fit type Boa.

Shimano AM5 MTB cycling boots

Shimano offers us its new model of MTB cycling footwear, the AM5 that has achieved the perfect combination of safety, strength and comfort. The rubber sole along with the synthetic leather instep will ensure the best protection. In addition, the strip is adjusted so that the cords are protected. The asymmetric reinforcement keeps the malleolus highly protected.

Weight: 941 grams per pair (#size 41).

Northwave Galaxy Shoes clipless

The Galaxy road shoes that has made the Northwave brand for sale is an innovative model that has been made using the latest technologies. These cycling shoes feature a 3-layer carbon sole that aims to increase stiffness and decrease the thickness.

These road cycling shoes feature the AirFlow system that guarantees excellent comfort thanks to the ventilation it offers. In addition, they incorporate a system of adjustment by means of micrometric closing S.L.W. so that they are well secured to the foot.

The cleats are not included with these cyclist fotwear.

Weight: 295 grams.

Pearl Izumi X-Alp Drift III MTB Women's Shoes clipless

With the Pearl Izumi X-Alp Drift III, you will have maximum comfort when going out to train with the MTB bike. This new model of mountain bike footwear so versatile offers great breathability and ventilation. The built-in quick-release closure will keep the shoes tight to the feet.

When made using a Barefoot construction, they can be used with or without socks. The instep features a highly breathable synthetic mesh so that sweat produced during workouts dry quickly.

Massi Argo Footwear

The new Massi Argo shoes have been made to guarantee the best comfort when going out to train with the bicycle. It has a micrometric buckle so that the shoe is well adjusted to the foot and incorporates a reinforcement in the heel that has the function of optimizing the energy produced during the pedaling.

The soles with which this model of footwear counts are of high range, which will increase the traction and the comfort when leaving to train. These Massi brand shoes are compatible with SPD and LOOK.

DMT Nix 2017 Road Shoes

DMT Nix features an insulated neoprene sock for insulation, reflective strips for increased visibility on dark outlets and a nylon / glass sole for outstanding aerodynamic performance.

Gaerne Gore-Tex 2017 winter road shoes

The Gore-Tex membrane offers superior rain protection to ensure your feet stay dry even in heavy rains while the carbon-reinforced competition sole ensures optimum power transfer.

Five Ten Impact VXi MTB Footwear - Flat Pedal

With the award-winning STEALTH Mi6 rubber for an incredible connection to the pedal and shock absorption, the lightest Impact so far comes in both option for flat pedal and clipless pedal.

Northwave Hammer SRS MTB Shoes

BioMap technology means that the Northwave outsole, the top and all components are anatomically compatible with each rider's feet to ensure optimum positioning on the pedal and maximum power transfer at each pedaling.


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