Accessories/Spare parts for cycling shoes micro-metric closures/heels/cords/templates/taco screws/toothed ribbons/Cleats cover

If you ever break any part of the cycling shoes, before buying new shoes, look within the category accessories-Footwear that CoreBicycle has created.

In this section you can find any accessory of a cycling shoes or mountain bike that can be dismantled, for example:

  • Micrometric closures
  • Heels
  • Cords
  • Templates
  • Taco Screws
  • Timing Tapes
  • cleats tyre

This way you can economically repair your cycling shoes. In CoreBicycle you can find the main brands such as: Specialized, Sidi, Giro, Bontrager, Garneau, Xtenex, Mavic, Superfeet, Cinelli, Gaerne, Northwave, Scott, Diadores, Spiuk... This way you can find the piece compatible with your cycling shoes and you can avoid having to throw them away.

Where to buy online at the best price micrometric closures/heels/cords/templates/taco screws/toothed ribbons/cleats tyre?

Laces/Ribbons Boa type cycling shoes Sidi Techno 3

The Sidi Techno 3 cycling shoe boa type lanyards/strap s are adjusted at the front of the foot or in the instep, depending on the buckle being long or short. These cords will also not exert any pressure on the foot thus increasing the comfort on the bike.

The flaps/closure system of the Sidi Soft instep 3 Cycling Shoes

The Sidi Soft instep 3 flap s are a locking system made with a strap and a wide curvature to fit perfectly to the foot shape without exert ing any pressure on it. This soft closing system features a EVA foam pad that has the primary function of evenly handing the pressure in the instep area.

The Sidi Soft instep 3 locking system is adjustable from both sides, allowing you to center the EVA foampad.

Mavic Ergo Lite Noir Cycling shoes Rechang Kit

The replacement kit for the Mavic Ergo Lite Cycling Shoes has been ergonomically designed to provide the ultimate sensation of comfort. The release mechanism prevents accidental opening.

The Mavic Ergo Lite Cycling Shoe rechang kit is only compatible with Mavic models of the year 2012 or later.

Weight: 32 grams.

Micrometric closure of bicycle footwear levier caliper Sidi Blanc

This micrometer caliper closure for cycling shoes Sidi is adjusted by lifting the center buckle. In order to be able to open it completely, the sides of the buckle must be lifted at the same time; On the other hand, to loosen the closure during the cycling race, only the central clip has to be lifted.

Thanks to this micrometric closure of the Sidi brand , you get an excellent fit to have the maximum comfort When you go out to enjoy the bike.

Northwave Heel removable Kit to northwave shoes replacement soles

With these spare sole s You can renivar the tacos of your favorite cycling shoes to continue enjoying the maximum of the workouts with the bike.


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