Seatposts / Rigid seatposts / bicycle seatposts for road and MTB bikes

The bicycle's seatpost is a cylindrical tube that has the main function of attaching the saddle to the bicycle frame and being able to adjust it to the perfect height for each rider. The materials with which the seatposts are mainly made are steel, aluminum and road bikes that must not withstand many blows, carbon fibers.

What is the Seatposts / Rigid seatposts / bicycle seatposts for road and MTB bikes deiameter?

The diameter of the seatposts is very variable. They usually range from 21.15 mm to 31.8 mm.  The Union of the seatpost with the saddle has been standardized in recent years being the most common use of the rails.

The seatpost was one of the components of the bicycle that had suffered less improvements, being relegated always to a secondary role in the bike but with the strong boom of mountain bikes and the constant evolution of these bikes to Each of its modalities the seatpost during these last years has experienced a real revolution.

Early changes occurred when suspension seatposts were created. These seatposts incorporated a small suspension that allowed the bikers to roll in a more comfortable way. This was the previous step to the arrival of bicycles with full suspension. Once these bikes conquered the market the seatposts with suspension were left in the background and are now practically obsolete.


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