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The saddle is one of the most important parts of the bicycle in what concerns to comfort. Choose a good seat is essential to practice cycling in the most comfortable and enjoyable way.

In recent years, a great job has been done in research to adapt bicycle saddles to any users, whether they are men or women. Previous saddles were big and soft but over the pass of time, they have become narrower and harder. All this in order to get adapted to the cyclist.

How to choose the best MTB/road/time trial/triathlon Bicycle/bike saddle?

To choose the seat that best suits our body, we must take into account various parameters such as:

  • Width: To determine the width of the saddle, we must know the distance between the "Ischia" bones of our body. Generally women have them more separated.
  • Length and Form: The length is not a very relevant factor and does not have much influence on the comfort of the rider, it only makes you to have more mobility or less above the seat. In what refers to how we can distinguish them, there two main groups:
  • T - Shaped: They are narrow in the tip and maintain the narrowness until they are plugged in the back
  • Pear - shaped: They are narrow tip but they are widening as they move to the end

The difference between one and the other when sitting is the fact that the saddle "T" offers little abrasion on the inside of the legs, while the saddle "Pear" provides greater freedom of movement.

One last item to note in the saddle is the innovation that has occurred in recent years. The saddle billed as prostate. This saddle presents the novelty of incorporating the hollow central area. Thus, it is achieved to lower the pressure supported by the perineum. Each time, it is being achieved to give the saddles with more factors that help to support better the big amount of hours in competition and training. Saddles will continue their evolution to offer their maximum comfort to all cyclists, no matter their fit.

In the search engine of CoreBicycle, you have the best national and international online stores. We can show many options and give the possibility to our users to find the best prices when buying any seat for the bike of the world’s leading brands such as: Fizik, Selle Italia, Prologo, Brooks England, Specialized, Selle San Marco, SDG, Bontrager, Selle Royal Selle Smp, Cinelli, Pro, Ism, Sportourer, Brooks, Topeak, WTB, Ritchey, XLC, Dirty, Essax, BBB, Charge, Astute, Fabric, Ergon, Height...

And the most used and recommended by cyclists are:

  • Crank Brothers iodine
  • Selle Italia SLR Super flow
  • Fizik Tritone
  • Selle Italia Max Gel Flow
  • Selle SMP TRK
  • ISM Adamo
  • San Marco Rolls
  • Specialized Romin Evo Pro
  • ...
  • Within the world of cycling there are many different modalities and all of them bring their peculiarities in parts and components, in addition to the undeniable geometry that each discipline represents in terms of the type of bike.

    What are the best and the cheapest Saddle / seat  BMX - Bicycle / Bike?

    The BMX modalities, the BMX race, the 4x BMX are very demanding in terms of weight and the peculiarities of its components. So much so that today are manufactured saddles or bike seats specific for BMX. It is clear that the purpose of these seats or BMX saddle s is not that the rider/cyclist sits on them. Lightness and aesthetics are key factors for BMX riders when choosing which saddle and seatpost to buy for your BMXbike.

    Find all BMX saddles at the best price in the CoreBicycle searcher of the first brands

    • Shadow Conspiracy
    • Colony
    • Bsd
    • Federal
    • Stay Strong
    • Blank
    • And much more


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