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The wheels of bicycles are one of the most important parts. Through them all the effort carried out is transmitted to the ground to make progress.

The wheels in recent years have undergone major changes either because of the materials they are made of as well as the measures that are evolving. Each time lighter wheelsare built, with aerodynamic profiles more worked and with greater strength and strength.

Each cycling modality requires a different type of wheel, with very specific characteristics and suitable sizes. There are a wide variety of models, brands and prices inside the road bike wheels . The most economical are made with aluminum and have a low rim profile. If you are looking for a wheel that offers more performances and performance, there are wheels made with carbon, which significantly lower the weight and improve the aerodynamic profile. Logically the price of these wheels increases considerably.

Other more specific road bike wheels are lenticular or canes. These wheels are mainly used in velodromes or competitions against the clock. Its main function is to offer the best aerodynamic response and the least resistance to the wind. They are not recommended for regular use because the gusts of wind, especially the sides make the bike become ungovernable.

Wheels / Front wheel / Rear wheel / Lenticular wheel

The mountain bike wheels are also made with aluminum or carbon depending on the model and the discipline to which they are directed but the main source of discussion on the wheels for mountain bikes resides in the size. Previously the vast majority of Mountain bikes used wheels of 26 ", but at the present time they have begun to use wheels of bigger size such as the wheels of .5" and those of 29 inches. The debate on which of the wheels is better remains open and each one bets on either.


Other wheels less for bicycles are those that use the different modes of BMX. Logically these wheels are of much smaller size, usually around the 20 inches and stand out because of their great resistance to the blows that they must withstand.

Other wheels that lately are very fashionable are those that use the bicycles Fixie. These wheels stand out mainly for the design and great color that they look that make them unique and unmatched.

What are the most purchased road cycling wheels online at 2017/2018?

By equipping your bike with a lighter wheel set, you reduce the rolling resistance and increase the level of comfort.

That feeling of rolling like a professional is key. That is why we have prepared a selecci´n with 10 of our best wheel games to dominate the road.

Wheel set for road cycling Campagnolo Zonda C17

  • With an optimized, super-rugged rim capable of operating with wider decks, the Zonda road wheel set precedes your reputation for lightweight and indestructible wheel play. Perfect for competitions, trainings and cycle marches tourists.

Wheel set for road cycling first carbon RR-38

  • Perfect for those looking for a wheel set for any situation and any terrain. Its 38mm rim depth is synonymous with unquestionable versatility

Road Wheel Set Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 C40

  • Designed to meet the professional criteria of road cycling, this lightweight carbon-wheel set features an aluminum braking surface to ensure optimum performance. In short: it has everything.

Aluminium road Wheel set for Pro-Lite Bracciano A42

  • A hand-made wheel set with the stability and durability of an aluminum rim. The best thing is that you can buy it online at a very cheap price.

Up to 70% discount on wheels, rims and hubs

Set of carbon wheels DT SWISS XRC 1250 SPLINE

These wheels are all you need at an incredible price-light with wide carbon rims and super durable spine hubs.


Ideal for rainy days, earth, rocks and wet roots-maximum performance is guaranteed on demanding trails.


Extremely light and incredible hardtail to help you conquer the longest climbs of the Enduro trails.

Road Wheel Set Easton EC90 AERO 55

* Performance shown in the wind tunnel.

* Market-leading durability, power transfer and performance.

These wheels are really great. "They have a great look, they are stiff, really light, with a wonderful sound... I really love the sound they have when they roll! Most importantly, I really notice that I ride faster. "

Disc Wheel Set Easton EC90 SL

The top-of-the-range, mid-depth aerodynamic road wheels you've been waiting for!

* Extremely fast speeds and balanced braking.

* Manufactured entirely by hand to the másalto level of perfection.

Trail Easton EC70 Front Wheel

Much more than a race cross-country wheel... This carbon rim provides hardtail driving and stimulates confidence in the most complicated terrain. Ideal for: From XC to all Mountain-anything from Singetrack


The Koms are designed only for one thing, win! Light enough so you can get to the top, wide enough for you to dominate the ascent. Ideal for: Trail, all mountain, enduro

Rear hub 350 with rim DT Swiss Asym I23 XO1AM

Compatible with Tubeless with an asymmetric design for exceptional rigidity and strength. Top Rendimiiento guaranteed all the way down the mountain! Ideal for: Enduro, trail and gravity

Road Wheel Set Easton EC90 Aero 55 (tubular)

It enjoys unsurpassed braking performance, stability and durability with a weight ready for competition.

Disc Wheel Set Easton EC90 SL (camera)

The top and half-depth aeronámicas wheels you've been waiting for. From spring Classics to CX, it will be hard to find a situation in which EC90 Sl does not stand out.

Prime RR-28 Road Disc camera bonus Wheel Set

A low depth 28 mm Rim profile offers a reduced weight and greater stability making this the perfect wheel set for long-distance climbers and cyclists.

Wheel Set Fulcrum Racing 7 LG 2017

The Racing 7 LG is a very content price wheel with a ready soul for the competition. These wheels are manufactured with the same technology of the highest-end models of this brand including an asymmetric rim for better balance of the spoke tension, a mechanized braking surface for better performance in all Climatic conditions, high quality bearings and steel spokes with a cross section of 2mm to obtain a exceptional rigidity.

Road Wheel Set Campagnolo Khamsin Asymmetric 2017

The only low level aspect of this wheel set is the fantastic price. Advanced features include a new asymmetrical rim profile, Mega-G3 Spoke lacing pattern, oversized edge for increased stiffness and reaction, and Dynamic Balance technology for maximum stability at high speeds.

Road Wheel Set Campagnolo Vento Asymmetric G3 2017

A set of wheels ready for the competition with Campagnolo quality makes the Vento Asymmetric a solid choice for any cyclist. The G3 geometry improves energy transfer, reduces stress on the spokes and increases cross-rigidity while at the height of the differential rim provides optimal management of the bike as a whole and improves the transmission of energy.


Fulcrum Racing 5 Road wheel Wheels LG 2017

The new design 5 LG disc Wheel set is ultra-durable, making it ideal for winter training, for any type of displacement or use and even for cyclo-cross.

Fulcrum's Fixing System Axial technology ensures greater structural stiffness and precise, more powerful braking while the wider rim guarantees more comfort in driving.

Campagnolo Zonda C17 2017 Road camera Wheel Set

Campagnolo's successful and highly respected Zonda receives an upgrade with its new 22, 5mm wide rim that accepts larger camera tyres for higher performance, comfort and a more efficient rim/tyre interface. Now 10 grams lighter than the previous version, this wheel set is actually in a separate category.

Road game Campagnolo Shamal Ultra C17

Campagnolo's first wheel set has been updated again. Newly developed with a wider rim profile optimized for 25 and 28mm tyres, differentiated rim height for better handling and power transfer and an oversized aluminum hub edge for superior stiffness and reaction.

Road Wheel Set Easton EA70

These wheels are light and soft. The Easton EA70 is an ideal choice for daily bike riding and user rating is 5/5.

Road camera Wheel Set Easton EC90 Aero 55

These Easton wheels are fast, incredibly light and remarkably stiff. The Easton EC90 camera wheel set allows for quick departure from the start of the race.

Tubular Wheel Set Shimano Dura-Ace 900 C35

The pinnacle of the Shimanoa road line, Dura-Ace provides the perfect balance between quality and performance. This wheel set has been designed to meet the criteria of professional road racing.

Mavic Ksyrium Elite 25 Wheels

For more than a decade, the Ksyrium Elite have stood out for their high reliability, lightness and versatility, using the same high-tech features of the Ksyrium SL, but at an even more tractive price.

Wheels Progress Phantom Shimano

The dream of many cyclists looking for lightness. The Phantoms have it all, ultra light weight, unlimited durability for training and competition at a very high price.

Mavic Crossmax SL PRO WTS Wheels

Mavic's top-of-the-range wheels for Rally-marathon, a wheel suitable for both competition and also for the most demanding Cross-country tours...

Fulcrum Wheels Red Power HP 29 "inch

The choice "trail" par excellence: The new rim, wider, adds traction and stability, a baseaún more solid and manageable, abosrbe the impact along the route and maintain the speed as few wheels.

Progress XCD-DYN wheels

Astonishing lightness and adjusted price, are the characteristics that define the progress XCD DYN manufactured in aluminium Dynamal of aerospace grade.

Progress XCD-EVO wheels

Rims made of niobium aluminium but with a greater width so they are more resistant. Aero Lite CN spokes and turbine Ultra hubs

Wheel set Mavic Crossmax SL Pro LTD WTS

The first MTV wheel to use Mavic's patented ISM 4d technology that significantly reduces weight for lighter and more dynamicgear, complete with tyres.

Mavic Crossmax SL Pro MTB Wheel Set

Weighing only 1470 grams, it does not compromise reliability, stiffness or resistance. This is U responsive Wheel set and Tubeless Ready, for quick accelerations.

Mavic Crossmax SL Pro WTS MTB Wheel Set

Exclusive technology for complete, fast and light performance, this tubeless ready wheel kit comes with included tyres.


What are the cycling wheels for mountain bike – MOUNTAIN BICYCLE – MTB-more sold/purchased and at A better price online at 2017?

MTB Wheel Set Spank Spoon-32

Designed to get beaten and keep rolling. With the wheel set Spoon 32 you can enjoy a pump-proof performance without spending a lot of money.

MTB Crank Brothers Sage Wheel Set

Sage means to take it seriously when the trail becomes chaotic. With elongated aluminum nipples and short stainless steel spokes of straight-shot .0 for optimized stiffness and better driving quality.

MTB Wheel Set Mavic Crossmax SL

Mavic's Crossmax SL Pro has pushed the limit once again! Exclusive ISM 4d milling creates an incredibly light and vertiginously fast XC wheel set with a great look.


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