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Road Bikes also known in spanish as "Las Flacas" assemble some paintings made with light materials such as aluminum, carbon or titanium.

For the manufacture of frames made with carbon fiber , the technique of the monocoque is currently used. This technique consists in producing the main triangle in one piece and then joining it, the pods and suspenders. This makes it possible to provide the highest resistance frame because the carbon fibre laminate is optimized.

The carving s most used to make the frames for road bikes move between the size 48 and size 61, trying to adapt to as many people as possible. Due to the popularization of the carbon fiber frames each time less sizes are manufactured in this material, mainly due to the high cost of creating the moulds. So if you prioritize the most common sizes among cyclists.

Although all the road bike frames Look the same inside we can find specific frames for different uses within the road cycling as for example:

  • great background pictures: They are used for cyclists who carry out long outing s that take many hours to spend on the bike. They stand out because they have a less aggressive geometry and allow them to carry their back straighter.
  • Climbing frames: They are the most used by all types of cyclists, from professionals to amateurs. They stand out for their lightness and strength. The geometry of the frame is more aggressive and allows to go with a more stretched position on top of the bike.
  • Aero Frames: This type of road bike frames is gaining much relevance in recent years. They stand out because they are designed with wider tubes that allow to obtain a greater aerodynamicload. The geometry is even more aggressive than the climbers and getting a more stretched posture on the bike, aiming to reduce friction with the air


What are the most purchased road cycling pictures online?

We present a small list;), we hope that you are of utility.

Trek Domano SLR 2017 - 2018 Road Box

The Trek brand offers us its new Domano SLR Road frame model designed to offer the highest stability and comfort during bicycle training. This new OCLV 600 carbon box has been designed for road cyclists.

The additional wheel that incorporates this frame guarantees great versatility both on the road and in the mountains.

Available Colors: Black and red.


Road cycling frame Genesis Zero Disc Team XS 2017 - 2018

The New Road frame Zero Disc Team XS that presents the brand Genesis for this 2017 - 2018 is a model of carbon 30/40T elaborated with technology Monocoke.  This road bike frame has been developed with the aim of providing the best performance when going out to train with the bike.

Available Colors: white, black and lilac


Frame Road/Road Santa Cruz Stigmata CC

The new Stigmata Road frame model of the Santa Cruz brand has been manufactured with high quality carbon with the aim of guaranteeing the user that it has the greatest lightness and at the same time resistance.

This road frame of the Santa Cruz brand has 142 mm of distance between the rear axles.

Available Colors: black, yellow



The Verbier road frame of the Viper brand is the best performance and comfort frame that has so far made the brand. This frame is made of monocoque carbon and maintains an incredibly low weight while not

It penalizes the stiffness of it. All wiring In this box is exterior to facilitate mounting and avoid drilling the carbon from the frame.

With this frame as a base you will be able to mount a very light and fast road bike; In addition you can not fail to realize that their lines are super attractive so it will look spectacular and stylish.

Strengths: Fork made of carbon monocoque and carbon frame

Weight: 1760 grams of fork sum + direction (integrated) + frame.


Frame for road cycling RIDLEY HELIUM RS

This frame of the Ridley brand has been manufactured (frame and fork) with ultra-hardtail unidirectional carbon and its weight is 900 grams (in size 54). In addition the address is integrated.

The great strengths of the Ridley Helium RS: Impresionantes transfer of power and a great agility in the climbing/ascent areas.


Road cycling Frame Kinesis Racelight Granfondo Ti V3

This super versatile frame of the Kinesis brand has been manufactured entirely in titanium and includes a tapered direction and a carbon fork. It's a very high-end box where performance is assured.


Frame for road cycling FUJI ALTAMIRA .1 Frameset

The new Carretera Altamira .1 Frameset which has released the Fuji brand can be used with wheels of size 700 mm and 31.6 mm in diameter. This model of road bike frame is a high-end model with which you will have great comfort when going out to train.


In the Corebycle Cycling Product search engine you can find the best manufacturers of road bike boxes such as: Colnago, Cipollini, Lynskey, Trek, Enigma, Specialized, Kinesis UK, Viper, Scott, Litespeed, Guerciotti, Time, Vitus Bike, Surly, Genesis, MBK, Argon 18, De Rosa, Massi, Pinarello, BMC, Giant...

Using the CoreBicycle search engine is very simple: you only have to filter within the category frames and hairpin s by chartsand you will find the most used road bike frames and Valued by cyclists as:

  • Road Bike Frame Merlin Malt CR Carbon
  • Road Bike Frame Pinarello Paris T2
  • Road Bike Frame MBK RD 850
  • Road Bike Frame S-Works Roubaix SL4
  • Road Bike Frame by Rosa King RS
  • Road Bike Frame Viper Galibier
  • Road Bike Frame Massi PRO
  • Road Bike Frame Genesis Equilibrium
  • Road Bike Frame Specialized S-Works Tarmac
  • Road Bike Frame Trek Emonda
  • Road Bike Frame Argon 18 Krypton
  • Genesis Datum Frame
  • Genesis Zero Z. I Team Frame
  • Kinesis Crosslight Pro6 V1 Frameset


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