Rim Brakes/ V-brake brakes/ cantilever brakes/ caliper - DuraAce/Ultegra/105/Campagnolo/Sram

What kind of Bicycle Rim Brakes are mostly recomended?

Roughly there are 4 types, large blocks, brakes for cycling bike:

- rim Brakes: These are the brakes that apply all the braking force on the wheel rim of the bicycle.

Within this groupset there are different ways of applying braking force on the rim and hence there are several types of rim brakes, such as:

- Equipments caliper: When the tension of the cables exerts the braking force from the side of the wheel.
- Cantilever brakes: In this type of brake the tension of the cables is exerted from a position centered with the wheel; It's the sheaves and cam brakes.
- V-brake brakes
-Other types of rim brakes, which are variations of the main 3 types commented above.

- hub Brakes
Within this groupset there are mainly two types of brakes:

-counter Pedal Brakes: These are the brakes that were mounted in the past on bicycles and consist of braking exerting force on the wheel hub when pedaling backwards. It is an alternative to Fixie bicycle brakes (fixed sprocket bikes) and they are usually used in bicycle assemblies from very rainy countries (like Northern Europe), as they are brakes that are not affected by rain.
- drum brakes: In this system the pellets go inside the drum of the wheel hub and brake by exerting pressure outward, from the inside, over the drum.

- disc Brakes: the disc brakes subcategory.

- Hydraulic Brakes: are in the subcategory disc brakes.

In CoreBicycle.com you will be able to find all the brakes of the brands Shimano, Avid, Hope, SRAM, Formula, Magura, Campagnolo, Cinelli, TRP, Odyssey, TRP, Clarks, Swiss Stop, Haes, SALT, Csepel, BLB, Promax, Aztec, SaltPlus, Blank, Ashima, BMC, Jagwire, ECLAT, Box,... among many other brands, at the best price as the Component Searcher for the bike CoreBicycle are integrated the main online stores national and international. Finding the best price of the component you want to buy is very simple in the CoreBicycle searcher. Try it.

Among many other models you can find the following:

  • Shimano R517 Brake Caliper
  • Shimano 5800 105 Brakes Rim Brake
  • Shimano Ultegra 6800 Brakes Rims

What are the most purchased rim brake models on the Internet for the 2016 – 2017 season?

Shimano Ultegra Brake Bridge front 2017

The new Ultegra BR-6800 front brake bridge featuring the prestigious Shimano brand features a Dual Pivot design and has improved braking power through the SLR-EV system focusing on modulation and control.

The high-end front braking bridge Shimano Ultegra BR-6800, will guarantee the best braking response when going out to train with the bike, making it more powerful, precise and progressive.

  • Weight: 168 grams

Tektro R 741 Race Brakes Set

The new Tektro R741 brake system is a model that features forged aluminum arms that will provide the best braking response when going out to train. This set of brakes that presents us the brand Tektro has a very aggressive style, as well as compact and little Consevador.

The new caliper brakes have been developed using a full suspension pivot system.

  • Weight: 150 grams/pair
  • colors: Red/Black & white/Black

Pair of stirrup brakes Shimano Dura-Ace Br-9000

The Shimano brand features the Ace Br 9000 hard rim brake model with which you will get 10% more braking power compared to the previous model. In this brake version of the Shimano brand, the shaft is placed closer to the hand thus ensuring a smoother braking. Likewise, it has also managed to improve the braking both with humidity and without, being now a 210% more effective on wet and a 120% dry.

  • Weight: 296 grams

Brake Bridges Shimano 105 2016

The new braking system 105 SLR-EV is a model that has released the Shimano brand to ensure rider the best braking response when going out to train with the road bike. The initial SLR of this rim brake model means Shimano linear response. In addition, this model of the Shimano caliper Brake has a friction reducing system of the caliper, lever and cable in such a way as to obtain a better response and modulation of the braking.

  • Weight: 378 grams

Pair of brakes V-brake Clarks Clk-370-960

The new model of caliper brake CLK-370-960 has been made with aluminium with the aim of guaranteeing the necessary stiffness in the brake bridges to obtain the best braking response when going out to train with the MTB bicycle. The new brake calipers presented by the Clarks Brand offer an excellent braking power and also incorporate very comfortable levers that will allow you to have the maximum control on the bike

V-Brake Promax Pro Brake Kit

The new model of the Promax caliper brake kit is a very versatile component as it can be used in MTb, BMX, hybrid and even infantile bikes and is valid for both front and rear. The Promax Pro rim Brake has been made using an aluminium body to guarantee high rigidity.

  • Color: Black


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