Rear Shocks springs

In the Spring section you will be able to find all the springs necessary to keep the bicycle damper in perfect condition.

How to know which are the best Sping rear shock for each rider?

To find the spring that best suits each rider you have to take into account several parameters such as:

  • Rider weight
  • Desired SAG Percentage
  • Bicycle geometry
  • Cushion length
  • Suspension Travel

Based on these variables manufacturers perform different types of springs that try to adapt to the maximum of any rider. For this reason in large bikes, it is customary to mount harder springs as the users of these bicycles are used to be heavier. The most common materials with which the springs are made are titanium or light steel.

The springs differ from each other by 3 main values:

  • Total Length: Is the distance between the two ends of the spring
  • Stroke: Is the maximum length that the spring can be compressed without touching the parts
  • hardness: Is the force to be applied so that the spring is compressed at a certain distance

Depending on these 3 parameters, springs are being built for mountain bike dampers. With these shocks the riders can enjoy a greater comfort on the bike and improve the performances and performance you get on top of the Mountain bike.

What are the best seller Rear Shocks springs for bicycles (downhill, enduro,...)?

In the search engine of cycling products of CoreBicycle we have integrated the best online sales stores national and international. We can show many options and give the possibility that our users find the best price by purchasing any shock absorber spring for the bicycle of the leading brands such as: Fox Racing, Nukeproof, SA Racing, RockShox, Ohlins, Cane Creek, DVO ...


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