Rear shock / suspensions / air or Spring Rear Shock

Rear shock / suspensions / air or Spring Rear Shock

Find in the CoreBicycle Cycling Components Searcher in the "Shock absorbers" section of all the shock absorbers, rear suspensions, that you need for your full suspension bikes:

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  • Rear shocks or suspensions for enduro bicycles,
  • Rear shocks or suspensions for downhill bicycles,
  • Rear shocks or suspensions for all mountain/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE/MTB bicycles.

... and all the suspensions you need:

  • rear air shocks or suspensions: Enhanced camera or normal camera.
  • Spring rear shocks or suspensions.

Air rear shoxk suspension vs Spring rear shock? What are the best?

Air cushion or Spring damper?... that is the "eternal" question for which the answer is "depends" on the use or what "primes", in terms of functionality, in a shock absorber.

The air cushions are more stable to the inertias originated in the pedaling, because they have a higher action threshold due in part to the greater friction surface between the body and the friction axis with the torcas joints, but there is a small Problem with a spring, because the air cushions have the ability to go soft and sensitive as a spring, but it is difficult to maintain that sensitivity and its correct configuration – settings (SAG). A spring damper is more sensitive and at the most progressive time, it does not stop at the end, because by pure physical qualities, it retains more forcefully than the one that shows the compression of an air tube – which is the case of air cushions.

There are shock absorbers with low and high speed compression control, both for spring and air, which will allow you to leave the most sensitive suspension in its initial and more progressive part at the end of travel.

In cycling modalities, such as Enduro, there are many models of rear suspensions that have the three working positions: Lock, pro-pedal and open.

Among the best known shock absorber brands , we highlight: RockShox, Fox Racing, DT Swiss, Cane Creek, Manitou, Marzocchi, DVO, Ohlins, Cannondale and Magura.


In this section you will find among many more models, the following:

  • ROCKSHOX Monarch Plus RC3 200x57 mm
  • Fox VAN RC 500X28
  • DT SWISS Rear Shock X313 Carbon Remote Black
  • DT SWISS Rear Shock X313 Black
  • DT SWISS Rear Shock M212 Remote Black
  • ROCK SHOX Rear Shock Vivid Air R2C MR/LCB1
  • FOX RACING SHOX Rear Shock FLOAT X CTD with remote control
  • Rockshox Vivid Air R2C Rear Shock-Mid Tune Black
  • FOX FLOAT CTD Boost Valve Factory LV Large volume 200 mm x 57.15 mm
  • FOX FLOAT CTD Factory-ADJ Boost Valve LV High Volume 200 mm x 50 8
  • FOX 2015 Performance damper Van RC 222.3 mm x 69 85 mm
  • Cane Creek Full suspension Barrel Coil 222 x 63mm DU v 1.5
  • RockShox Monarch RL Rear Shock 165x38mm
  • ROCKSHOX 2015 Monarch plus RC3 200X51 mm
  • Monarch RT3 ROCKSHOX Debonair 200x57 mm
  • Monarch RT3 ROCKSHOX 165x38 mm
  • Monarch RT3 ROCKSHOX 190x51 mm

Possible configurations/settings of the Cane Creek Full suspension Barrel shock: Https://

Rear Shocks brands that may interest you