Punctures: Repair and Prevention - Patches/levers/liquid antipunctures/repair Kit

Punctures – Repair and Prevention

In the punctures – Repair and Prevention section you can find all the necessary accessories to fix a puncture in the air tube of the bicycle wheel, in any place.

The anti puncture kits are an essential accessory for any cyclist, whether mountain or road. A puncture in the wheel can happen at any time and the difference between being able to continue the excursion or having a problem to return home, resides in a fact as simple as always carrying the necessary tools to fix The prick.

CoreBicycle meets within the category punctures – Repair and prevention:

  • Patches
  • Levers
  • Antipuncture Fluid
  • Puncture Repair Kits

All of the best brands CMO for example: Lezyne, Park Tool, Zefal, Cinelli, slime, No Flats, Specialized, Rema Tip Top, Weldtite, Giant, Continental, Panaracer, Topeak...

Which are the top 20 best seller puncture repair and prevention kits in 2017 - 2018?

  • Weldtite Puncture Repair Kit
  • Park Tool Tyre Levers Set Of Three
  • Specialized Swat Road Kit
  • Slime Tyre Liner Atb 26x1.75/26x2.125 (pair)
  • Park Tool Tr1c - Tyre And Tube Repair Kit
  • Park Tool Vp1 - Vulcanising Patch Kit
  • Specialized Flatboy Patch Kit
  • Topeak Shuttle Levers 1. Puncture Repair
  • Park Tool Super Patch kit
  • Zéfal - May Day Kit - Kit de reparación de pinchazos negro/gris
  • Contec - Flickzeug Hot Patch azul
  • Tip Top - Flickzeug TT11 verde
  • Tip Top - Fahrradpannenspray size 75 ml
  • Park TR1C Tyre & Tube Repair Kit - One Size
  • Continental Rim Cement 25g
  • Continental Rim Cement 350g - 350ml
  • Panaracer Flataway Tyre Protection Tape - 700mm
  • Weldtite Self Seal Puncture Repair Kit - One size
  • Zefal Puncture Repair Kit - One size
  • Zefal Road Tyre Liner - 19mm - One size
  • Zefal Hybrid Tyre Liner - 27mm - One size
  • Lezyne Smart Patch Kit - One size
  • Zefal Sealant Spray - One size
  • Slime Tyre Sealant - 8oz Bottle - One size
  • Fisher Cure-C-Cure Feather Edge Repair Kit with Tools - One size
  • Panaracer Flataway Tyre Protection Tape - 26mm
  • Stan's No Tubes Stan's Universal Kit Tape 10yd x 12mm - One size
  • Stan's No Tubes Stan's Rim Tape - 25mm
  • Stan's No Tubes Stan's Rim Tape - 21mm
  • Innovations Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit - One size
  • HOY Track Band Tyre Levers
  • Specialized EMT MTB Tyre Lever | Black/Red - One size
  • Specialized EMT MTB Tyre Lever | Black/Red
  • Topeak Rescue Box Glueless Patch Kit | Black
  • Weldtite Rubber Solution - L
  • Zefal Sealant Spray With Mount - 100ml
  • Lezyne Lever Patch Kit - Black - One Size
  • Slime Tyre Liner - One size
  • FWE Three Tyre Levers & Glueless Six Pack Patch Kit - NA
  • FWE Patch Repair Kit - NA


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