Spare parts PUMPS / valve Fittings / Spares manometer / hose / inflator Tube

The parts of the CO2 pumps are all those accessories that will serve to repair the pump in case it has been damaged, or they will simply be accessories to be able to complement and make easier the training s with the Bike. Some of these accessories could be for example supports for the CO2 cartridges so that they are well fixed on the bike and do not disturb. Another type of accessory that can be found in this subcategory are the manometers; A manometer is a tool that the rider will use when it comes to inflate the wheel and that will allow it to measure the pressure of the gas.

In this category you will find all the parts and parts necessary to repair the CO2 pumps or simply accessories to make your departure with the bike more comfortable.

Pumps - spares and parts section you'll find accessories such as:

  • Pressure gauges
  • Aluminum fitting
  • Stands for pump
  • Cartridge holder
  • Nozzle for pumps


What spares and parts of pumps more sold online this 2018?

BBB BFP - 94 90 ° Presta AIRPIPE pump nozzle

Adapter for head of valve which presents the BBB brand is ideal for use with valves of difficult access due to its angle of 90 degrees. This nozzle pump Airpipe is very easy to use and is only compatible with Presta valves.


The new Lezyne pump nozzle has been manufactured with steel material in order to provide great resistance when leaving the bicycle. This nozzle has been created with the aim of being used in the Shock Digital Drive foot pump designed by the Lezyne brand. The maximum pressure exerted by this valve head adaptor is 300 psi.

Replacement tube for foot pump LEZYNE ABS Braided

The Lezyne brand presents us with its new replacement tube that will be used in the foot pumps. This tube has been made by nylon and has an ABS head that can be used with Presta and Schrader valves and that will allow you to eliminate the pressure in a simple way. In addition, the Lezyne ABS braided tube is compatible with all types of standard foot pumps.

Racktime Fillit Pump Holder

The brand Racktime introduces us to the new support for Fillit pumps. This pump-holder is suitable for use in pumps of 22 to 25 cm.

Replacement manometer LEZYNE 60 PSI 2.5 "

The manometer Lezyne 60 PSI 2.5 "is an instrument used by cyclists to measure air pressure when it comes to inflating the wheels. This manometer model is also compatible with all standard Lezyne brand foot pumps.

The new Lezyne has a sphere of 2.5 "and withstands a maximum pressure of 60 OSI.

This Lezyne brand manometer includes glue and O-ring.


In CoreBicycle you will find the main brands such as: Specialized, Lezyne, Topeak, Zefal, SKS, BBB... To find all the spare parts and accessories for CO2 pumps with the best prices online in the online search engine of CoreBicycle cycling products.


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