Bicycle/Bike Pumps & Cartridge CO2

CO2 Cartridges/cylinders are a kind of bottles that normally carry between 12 and 16 grams of CO2 and that will be very useful when it comes to swelling the bike chamber.

To introduce the CO2 gas of the bottle in the tyre of the bicycle is used a pump, which also will be responsible for regulating the passage of air using a kind of faucet already included in the pump itself.

Both pumps and CO2 cartridges are very discreet accessories, which will make the most of your transport being able carry in the backpack when the rider goes out with the bike to train and/or compete. In addition, these pumps and carbon dioxidecartridges can be used with both road bikes and mountain/MTB/BTT.

CO2 pumps and cartridges are a key accessory when it comes to taloning the tube less Type Cycling decks where you need to introduce air to the deck quickly and pressurized to get the best result. Talonar is made in the casings that are tubeless type, ie they do not have an air chamber inside. To prevent this from coming out of the space that is free between the deck and the rim, the air must be quick to get in contact with the sealant that we found inside the tyre is created a kind of silicone that prevents the Wheel.

When purchasing carbon dioxide cartridges, the size of the bicycle wheels must be taken into account:

  • For 26 "and 27.5" wheels, 16 gr cartridges will suffice.
  • For wheels of 29 inches Size, the 25 GR CO2 cylinders are better.

Thanks to the CO2 pumps, the cyclist will be able to swell the wheel of your bike anywhere quickly and easily.


Do you know which CO2 pumps and cartridges are best valued online by cyclists in 2016-2017?

Here are some of them waiting for you to be helpful ^ ^:


CO2 inflator Zefal EZ Control with a cartridge

The Zefal brand presents the pump & CO2 cartridge available in capacity 12, 16 and 25 grams. This aluminum inflator has been manufactured with the aim of providing a great lightness but at the same time it is a compact accessory and does not imply any difficulty when using it to inflate the wheel of the bike.

The Zefal EZ Control pump comes with a cartridge and has a length of 45 mm and a weight of 20 grams (without CO2 cylinder). In addition, this pump ensures progressive air/CO2 dosage as well as high inflation accuracy. The incorporating cartridge is compatible with Presta and Shrader valves.



The new model of CO2 pump Air Boy that invites us to know the brand SKS, is an accessory that every cyclist should carry with him to be able to swell the wheel in case of suffering a puncture/accident and to replace the cover.

This pump has been made with plastic/aluminum and the incorporating cartridge is refillable.

Approximately has a weight of 207 grams.


Pro Micro CO2 Pump 2016

The new Micro pump of the Pro brand, has an excellent design that besides being compact, is also minimalist. Its small size, makes the cyclist can keep it in the backpack and inside the jersey. The Pro Micro CO2 pump is ideal to be able to cover any unforeseen occurrences during bicycle workouts.

The Pro Micro carbon dioxide pump has an internal spring valve system, which guarantees a high quality, fast and easy inflation. The incorporating cartridge can be used with Presta and Shrader valves.


Inflator cartridge Lezyne CO2 double Kit

The new Lezyne carbon dioxide inflator is an accessory made with hardened stainless steel that will guarantee great durability. The Twin-Chuck connection system connects directly to the Presta and Schrader valves.

The levers incorporated in this repair Kit can be used with hooks for radios and integrated covers. The double Kit presented by the brand Lezyne incorporates two cartridges of 16 grams, a set of levers and a velcro closure that will keep all the accessories together.

In the search engine of cycling products of CoreBicycle we have the best points of sale of online cycling both nationally and internationally. Some of the best selling CO2/carbon dioxide pumps and cartridges online This 2016 and 2017 are:

  • Co2 Inflat or With 2 cartridges and Zefal fixation
  • Carbon dioxide Pump Topeak Co2-Bra
  • Display Sks Co2 Cartridges 25 cartridges Useltos, 16g,
  • Cartridge Mini Nuke Sks Air-Boy Co2 207mm
  • in Flat or Topeak Air Booster Extreme


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