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Hoses, adapters, outlets, cleaning product Kits, portable pressure cleaners, pressure washer hose ends and many more components... All for the L impart to Pressure of our bicycle you will find them in the search engine of; You will be able to buy top brands such as Mobi, Weldtite, Shimano, Tacx, Merlin or VAR among many other brands. Do not forget to find in this section everything you need for the pressure cleaning of your bike.

User review: Portable bike pressure cleaner Mobi V-15

"Extraoridinario! This cleaner is revolutionary, my van will never get muddy again. "

Find in CoreBicycle the accessories for pressure cleaning your bike. We show you the TOP 3:

Washing station AUTONOMA AQUA2GO 17L-AQUA2GO

This guarantees up to 18 minutes of continuous cleaning thanks to its rechargeable battery. The best option for all kinds of leisure cleaning.

Portable Bike Pressure Cleaner Mobi V-15

With a weight of only 5 kg, this cleaning machine will leave the bike impeccable;). It also has pressure outputs from 45.5 psi to 130.5 PSI

KÄRCHER OC 3/4l Washing station

This is delivered with a kit that allows you to clean your bike and equipment in an efficient and smooth way

Where to buy online at the best price Pressure cleaning/Karcher/fuses/wahers Kits for Bicycle / Bikes?

At CoreBicycle cycling products search engine you will find:

  • In the search engine of CoreBicycle cycling products you will find:
  • Portable pressure cleaner Mobi V-15
  • Fixing Screws for Mobi network
  • O-Rings Kit for Mobi washer
  • Aqua2go Washing Station Pro 20l-Aqua2go
  • Engine Fixing screws Mobi
  • Karcher OC3 Cone Jet Nozzle | Black
  • RinseKit Hot Water Sink Adaptor | Gold
  • Karcher OC3 Adventure Accessory Box | Black
  • Karcher OC3 Mobile Outdoor Washer | Yellow/Black
  • RinseKit Portable Cleaner | Black/Blue
  • Karcher OC3 Suction Hose | Black


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