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Do you know the power meters for the bike and its utilities?

A bicycle power meter makes it possible to calculate the power that a cyclist develops through two parameters:

  • The amount of force you apply on a part of the bike
  • The angular velocity

These two variants are transferred to a Gps, Smartphone, or mini that can be installed on the wrist or handlebar and indicate at any time the power we develop.

Training through power meters is gaining many adepts over the past few years. Mainly allows:

  • Through a test meet month by month your state of fitness
  • Calculate loads and volumes to prepare LOA
  • Compare your status with other users using meter
  • calculate the pace you must take in great distances to avoid the dreaded "birds"

The main types of power meters you can find are:

  • Power Estimator: It seems a simple tape of heart rate monitor but through the calculation of different variables makes an estimated account of the power
  • gauges located on Rear hub: The Power meter located on the rear hub of the wheel works in the easiest way and allows cyclists to improve their power and performance. The reference mark in power hubs is Powertap, which manufactures hubs compatible with wheels of 20, 24, 28, 32 spokes and with compatible also with the main brands like Shimano, Campagnolo or SRAM. Inside the hub a speed and cadence meter has been incorporated, so it is not necessary to mount any other control device.
  • meters located on the cranks: There are meters in a Unilateral way that are not entirely accurate and Bilateral meters are much more precise and even are able to differentiate the power generated by each leg
  • meters located on the pedal shaft: You can choose to mount it on a pedal or both to improve the precision, they are easy to deinstall and change the batteries.

Today's bikes are getting lighter, faster and more comfortable. And the current components are not left behind. If you want to register each watt of power you generate, get already one of these advanced devices.

Brands of power meters most purchased online:


Your power in the open


The most accurate indicator of power, conviction and obsession


New generation of power meters for those who want to go faster and get farther


In the search engine and CoreBicycle Cycling Product tester You will find an extensive range of power meters located on the wheel hub , the pedal or crank that will help you to improve your Of the leading brands of the market such as: Garmin, Powertap, Stages, Cinelli, SRAM, CycleOps, Polar


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