Pegs - BMX / dirtjump bicycle

What are the pegs used on the bicycle for?

Pegs also known with their English term "pegs" or "Pedalines" in Latin America, are a small cylindrical bar usually made of metals such as chromium, steel or mechanized aluminum. Even some models are made with high-strength plastic.

Its use is limited to BMX or Street bikes and its main function is to help bikers perform tricks and stunts. These extensions of the bicycle are mounted on the axle of the wheel protruding through the sides of the frame. This way the riders can use them to pose their feet on them or also to support the bicycle in any of the ramps or obstacles that are used in the BMX.

The Stirrup s in addition to the material with which they are made, are distinguished by two more factors: by the measurement of the shaft, they are usually of 10 mm or of 14 mm and by their finish. Most are totally cylindrical, but some incorporate small drawings and engravings that allow to improve the grip with the shoe.

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Some of the acrobatics and tricks that are used by using the stirrups are known with the following names:

  • Twice Peg
  • Ice Pick 
  • Tood Pick 
  • Crooked
  • Gost Feeble 
  • Unlucky Grind 
  • Lucky Grind 
  • Sproket 
  • Smith Grind 
  • Feeble Grind 
  • Crank Arm  

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