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The pedal s are the element that transfers the force made by the legs to the whole bike. For this reason the pedals are a component of vital importance for the proper functioning of the bicycle. Over the years the pedal s have undergone a strong transformation from being a simple platform supports the foot to be a complex fixation that allows the rider to maximize all the strength that performs in each ride.

What kind of bicycle pedals you could find (flat, clipless, ...)?

There are currently 3 large categories of pedals:

Flat pedals:

Flat Pedal s are mainly used by two different types of cyclists. On the one hand the beginners. These cyclists often distrust the clipless pedals and prefer to ride flat pedals to keep the foot tied. On the other hand there are those modalities ride rs known as acrobatic s that need to have the foot released to be able to perform their tricks. They also use flat pedals the pilots of modalities like downhill and Enduro for the comfort and need to have to take the foot of the pedal constantly.

The beginner pedals are usually of plastic/nylon materials and have serrated areas to improve the grip while the pedals for freestyle riders stand out for having a large platform where they are inserted Different "pins" or screws to prevent the foot from slipping.

Automatic Mountain bike Pedals:

Within the automatic mountain bike pedals we can differentiate up to 3 different types:

  • spring pedals, chainring or elastomer: These are the pedals used by most cyclists for their good value for money. They are very tough pedals, adjustable in hardness and easy to use. In muddy conditions they are not accustomed to anchoring very well. The best known in this type are the Shimano, Exustar, Ritchey or Mavic.
  • Time or Look pedals: These pedals work with two large automatic recovery springs. They are lighter than the above although less durable and respond better in muddy conditions. They can not be adjusted in hardness and are mainly used by professionals of mountain biking.
  • Crank Brothers pedals: These pedals are similar to the Time and Look but are lighter and smoother. They cannot be adjusted in hardness but in mud they work perfectly.

Automatic Road Bike Pedals:

Automatic road bike pedals can only anchor on one side and are less resilient than MTB pedals. On these pedals you are looking to lower your weight to the maximum.

Within the road pedals there are 3 different types:

  • Shimano style, Look, Ritchey:

They are the most used for their good value for money. The hardness can be adjusted by a spring. Each brand uses a model of cove that is not used to be compatible with the others, so it is necessary to know exactly the specific model of pedal that we carry.

  • Speed Play Pedals:

These pedals differ because the hitch is not on the pedal but on the cleat that is screwed to the shoe. They are the most resistant and light being used mostly by professionals but their price is high.

  • Time pedals with I-click System:

The I-Clic system replaces the springs with two sheets of carbon. This improves the anchorage, reduces weight and improves durability. Thanks to the carbon sheets the pedals practically do not need maintenance but their price is the highest.

In addition to all the pedals described, in the CoreBicycle Cycling Product searcher You can also find all the spare parts and cleat s needed to use on any type of pedal.

Using the CoreBicycle Searcher is very simple: you only have to filter within the category components by pedal s and you will find all the varieties of pedals described previously separated in small Subcategories. You will also find the leading brands on pedals, for example: Shimano, SpeedPlay, Look, Crank Brothers, Time, Mavic, Wellgo, DMR, MKS, XLC, Xpedo, Hope, BBB, Ritchey, Exustar, Cinelli, Spank, Odissey, HT components, VP, Dartmoor, Gusset... and many More brands.


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