Overboots/cycling cover shoes/Cycling toe shoe cover

The Cycling Shoe tyre​ or overboots for the practice of cycling exert mainly the functions of protecting the feet of the inclement weather during the winter. The way to put them is very simple, is like putting a sock on top of the shoe.

The foot area is one of those that practice cycling and especially road cycling, suffers more when temperatures are low and the wind seeps everywhere. For this reason the Cycling Shoe tyre are made of the best insulating materials such as "Windstopper", "Gore Tex" or "neoprene" among many other varieties of waterproof and breathable fabrics.

In addition to the protection against cold the Cycling Shoe tyre or overboots are also used to improve the aerodynamic s of the cyclist, avoiding that the air penetrates through the corners of the slippers and improving thus the performance, in Special in competitions against the stopwatch. These overboots are made with lighter materials such as LYCRA that prevent the feet from getting too much temperature.

There is also the possibility to find the cycling toe tyre shoes. These elements are made with the same materials as the Cycling Shoe tyre but only tyre the tip of the shoe, protecting the area of the fingers. They are a great help when the temperatures are not very low but the cold becomes annoying.

In places where the winter temperatures are low the overboots are an essential element to be able to train obtaining the maximum comfort and well being in the delicate area of the feet.

Winter tyre cycling shoes

For extraordinary heat retention and rain protection, even in very cold weather.

Overboots: Just as bad as having cold, wet fingers is to have cold, damp toes. make sure that the adjustment is tight around the cleat and the upper part of the ankle to prevent the rain from getting in.


What are the Overboots/Shoe tyre models most purchased online by cyclists?

POC Fondo Bootie tyre

The overboots Bootie bottom of the POC brand has been made with elastic material, resistant and light, guaranteeing great protection and comfort. The new model of Sportful that has released the POC brand has a great perspiration for you to have the best comfort when going out to train with the bike.

The elastic that incorporates in the upper part, contributes to that this sportful POC has the best adjustment system and it is well subject.

Gore Bike Wear Universal Windstopper

The new model of Overboots Universal Windstopper that presents the brand Gore BIke Wear have been elaborated in a way that guarantees a great comfort thanks to its lightness.  The new sportful of the brand Gore Bike Wear, have been isolated with Primaloft and a full suspension lining in toe that will keep the feet warm in days D very cold.

With the aim of extending the duration of this model of Overboots, the sole has been elaborated with wear-resistant material. We can find reflective details in the front, rear and side areas.

Height Airstream-sportful cycling tyre shoes

The new sportful height Airstream are a model made with elastic multilayer neoprene with the aim of obtaining an element that does not allow to filter the water in case of rain. The reinforced sole of this overboots guarantees greater protection. Reflective edgings will help in low-light days or during nocturnal routes the rider can be seen more easily by other users of the track.

sportful LYCRA - Overshoes

The brand Sportfull introduces us to the new model of Sportful LYCRA, which is ideal for race time trial. This model of Overboots, has airflow Compress fabric, which guarantees a perfect fit and aerodynamics.

This sportful is also ideal for a good racing look.

Pearl Izumi Softshell WXB cycling tyre shoes

The new model of Overboots Softshell WXB that gives us the brand Pearl Izumi guarantees the highest level of protection against rain and wind during training with the bicycle.

The Pearl Izumi SoftShell WXB has been developed through a fabric PRO barrier WXB; This fabric has a great resistance to water and it has a windbreak. To prevent water from penetrating, seams have been made in a waterproof manner. These cubrezaptillas, have a sula of Kavlar material, which will favor greater durability. Also, thanks to the reflective elements, you will have a better protection because you'll be easily seen by other users of the track.

Castelli Deluge All Road Overboots

The Overboots Castelli Deluge All Road has been manufactured with 100% neoprene material and has perfect insulation to keep your feet dry and hot during workouts.

In the back of these overboots, reflective details have been incorporated to increase safety when leaving the bike.

Castelli narcissistic shoes tyre All Road - Overboots

With reverse protection, a waterproof zipper and reflective details, this shoe-tyre will accompany you all winter.


In the search engine of cycling products of CoreBicycle We gather the best brands of the world in the making of sportful of cycling like for example: Endura, Castelli, Northwave, Mavic, Gore, sportful, Sidi, Shimano, Seal Skinz, Assos, BBB, Santini, Altura, Pearl Izumi, Craft, Bobteam, Gyro, Vaude, Nalini, Spiuk, Etxeondo...

Don't go cold on your feet again by buying the Overboots or Cycling Shoe tyre you can find in CoreBicycle. Here you can find the models most valued and used by cyclists, for example:

  • Shoe tyre Castelli Deluge
  • Shoe tyre Height Airstream
  • Toe cycling Shoe tyre Castelli Toe Thingy
  • overboots Shimano Trail H2O
  • shoe tyre Seal Skinz Halo
  • overboots Shimano Tarmac
  • Shoe tyre DHB Extreme Weather

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.


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