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Cycling, as well as other sports disciplines, is seeing how a lot of new practitioners are starting to train regularly and are growing athletes looking to make long-lasting resistance challenges .

In order to improve the physical performance, and improve day by day the state of form, it is very important to train in a constant and correct way, but in addition the nutrition has a very relevant role in the improvement of the sporting performance.

When we talk about nutrition It is important to note that not only are we talking about the food we eat during the training or the competition but it includes all the food and nutritional supplements that we ingest before, during and Later. When a cyclist does not feed properly he is at risk of suffering one of the feared "birds" or the visit of the well-known "Man of the Mallet". In order to avoid this fact it is very important to maintain an adequate diet and during the training or the competition to feed on a regular basis.

To help this purpose there are a lot of products that help the body maintain its energy level in a good situation, for example:

  • Energy Gels
  • Caffeine Gels
  • Protein bars
  • Cereal bars
  • Protein drink
  • Energy Fruit Gel
  • Nutrition bars
  • Energy bars
  • Isotonic drink
  • L-Glutamine Milkshake
  • Amino
  • Isotonic tablets
  • ...

And more and more brands of nutrition products are betting on creating useful food supplements for before or after physical exercise. There is even the LiQaway brand that creates energy gels with organic and natural products.

In the search engine and compared to CoreBicycle Cycling products You will find all the products related to the nutrition of major brands worldwide such as: Myprotein, Power Bar, LiQaway, High 5, SIS, Cinelli, Overstims, GU, Torq, Etixx, Zipvit, Fenioux, OTE, PNC, Myvitamins, Multipower, ergot, Clif, Isostar, Mule Bar, diurnal, Xenofit, Nutrixxion, Go2... And many more brands of sports nutrition.

Using the CoreBicycle Searcher is very simple: you only have to filter within the Category nutrition and training for Nutrition and you will find all the food products and supplements for sports practice with Best prices and big discounts.


Where to buy the best nutrition for cycling online at the best price (cheap) online?

PNC HYDRO-Energy drinks tablets

The new PNC HYDRO are effervescent tablets of hydration that from sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium combine electrolytes. Thanks to these tablets, you will favor the hydration of the rider, providing in addition to six individual B vitamins.

The PNC Hydro tablets contribute to reduce fatigue and also does not incorporate or sugars and hardly contributes calories.


Box of 20 bars recovery MULEBAR refuel CHOCOLATE

Mulebar Refuel recovery bars guarantee a correct regeneration of the energy and nutrients at the end of the workouts. Each bar contains 261 Kcal. These new recovery bars have an excellent taste of dates, almonds and chocolate, which will make them easily ingestable.



The new Energy gel SIS Go + Electrolyte 60 ml is the perfect solution that will provide you with an extra energy when you need it most. In addition to having a gel texture and lemon/mint flavor, raspberry will be easily digestible.

Carbohydrates (22 grams per gel) that incorporates this gel are digested quickly and the electrolyte optimizes your hydration by providing greater performance.



The PowerBar ProteinPlus bars are the perfect complement that will allow you to recover the energy spent after a hard training with the bike. In addition, these new bars do not incorporate caffeine and are suitable for people allergic to nuts; Still, they are not gluten-free or dairy.

The new PowerBar ProteinPlus bars are a great source of high quality proteins with a good taste.


Nutrition during the cycling outing:

Energy recharge boat for athletes Science In Sport Go (SIS Go)

An easily digestible and fast-acting supply of carbohydrates to feed your bike output.

Ideal for: Long workouts, recharge before a walk or when you need that extra stimulus.

HIGH5 Energy Bars

A tasty way to avoid "birds", plus one of your 5 fruits and vegetables a day;).

Isotonic Energy Gels Science In Sport Go

Designed to consume without water, simply start the eyelash and welcome even quick power supply.


Hydration during a cycling test

Energy-efficient electrolyte recharge boat for athletes SIS Go

The ultimate combo of electrolytes and energy in one to fight against the two main causes of fatigue.

High5 Zero electrolyte tablets for drinking

Refreshing, no sugars, no calories. Keeping you hydrated was never that simple.


Recovery: Post (after) Departure/cycling competition (MTB, Road, BMX,...)

SIS REGO Rapid Recovery.

Recover your gear and get ready for the next with this optimal blend of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and digestive minerals.

High5 Protein Bars

A tasty mixture of carbohydrates (22GR) and proteins (14GR) to recharge the batteries after a hard session.


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