Neck braces/Cervical protector/collar protector for bicycle

The neck pads or cervical protectors are mainly used in the most extreme modalities of Mountain Bike such as downhill, Enduro or Freeride. In these disciplines the falls and strong blows are a common fact even among the world champions.

The cervical area is one of the most delicate parts of the body. An injury to the cervical vertebrae can lead to serious consequences such as spinal shoe lace injuries, paraplegia, Tetraplejias, or even death.

The helmet is in charge of protecting the head but does not manage to protect the cervical vertebrae, while the breastplates do not reach the cervical area. For this reason, the neck pads or cervical protectors were invented. These protectors were initially used in the motocross but with the evolution of mountain biking and the emergence of spectacular modes of downhill and Enduro began to be used also by the MTB riders.

The Neck brace s are made of light and resistant materials at the same time as polyamide and fiberglass among others. They have adjustable front and rear supports to perfectly fit the pilot's trunk and prevent sudden movement of the protector. Even if they seem to be more and more, they are becoming more lightweight, comfortable and resistant cervical protectors that help to improve the safety of the riders.

The safety of the biker must be above any other aspect and in the most risky modalities the possibility of injuries and fractures increases. For this reason it is essential to use the appropriate protection s to preserve the safety. Although it is evident that the use of protections does not guarantee safety at 100% and each rider must be aware of the dangers to which it is exposed.

To buy the neck pads or cervical protect ors with the best prices in the market you must use the search engine and comparison of cycling products of CoreBicycle that compares the prices of more than 30 online cycling stores. Using the CoreBicycle Searcher is very simple: you only have to filter within the category protection by Neck brace s and you will find a wide variety of cervical protectors and spare parts of the Major brands worldwide such as: Leatt, Atlas, 661, Alpine Stars, Kenny, Dainese... among other major world-renowned brands.


What are the best seller cycling cervical protection / neck pads for cyclists?

Cervical protection/Cervical protector/neck Brace or Neal Tron

The prestigious brand or Neal gives us its new model of cervical protector Tron. This new Neck Brace is an element that all rider should have with him when going out to train the modalities of downhill and freeride.

The concept II Moveo technology that we found on the back of this brand Neck Brace or Neal is to increase its compatibility with vests and helmets. In addition, its great comfort will make you not bother to wear it. The new O Neal Tron has great protection to keep you safe when you go out and train. In the front we find fillers to have an excellent fit in the chest area, also the shoulder will make it have an excellent side adjustment.


Cervical Protector/cervical protection/neck brace Leatt DBX 6.5

The new model of cervical protection DBX 6.5 that presents us the brand Leatt is a model of cervical protector elaborated in laboratory to make it adapt perfectly to the majority of riders regardless of their age or experience.

The matrix made with carbon MaxiWeave provides great rigidity and lightness because it only weighs 620 grams. This Leatt brand Neck Brace DBX 6.5 improves the side clearance of the helmet shell and allows for an onboard fit. In addition, this new cervical protector has 3 adjustment positions with which you will have great comfort and comfort when you go out to train.


Cervical Protector/cervical protection/neck brace Leatt DBX 5.5

The Neck Brace Leatt DBX 5.5 has been developed with medical engineers with the aim of obtaining a cervical protector that guarantees the cyclist the maximum safety and protection on the bike providing a great freedom of movement and comfort.

This new neck brace has 5 adjustment positions to find the position that best suits your needs. The new cervical protector Leatt DBX 5.5 disseminates the impact energy in the event of an accident, thus reducing the pain suffered.


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