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Frames of mountain bike / mtb of all modalities (enduro, downhill, dirt, cross country, fat bike, etc.) from top brands like Santa Cruz, Commencal, Yeti, Scott, NS Bikes, Saracen, Lynskey, Dartmoor, Transition, Genesis, Wethepeople Bike, Foes Racing, Ragley, Evil, MSC,.. Specialized, Cube, Cannondale, Kona, Trek, Vitus Bikes, Fuji Bikes, Scott, Genesis, Focus, BMC, Orbea, GT BICYCLES, SANTA CRUZ, Colnago, Eddy Merckx, Eastway, Norco Bicycles, Merida, Polo And Bike, Felt, Ridley, Hoy, Bergamont, Cinelli, Giant - Liv, NS Bikes, Nukeproof, Raleigh, Bombtrack,. among others. Bike components and bike components from CoreBicycle. All the mountain Frames you need at the best price and with offers.

The mtb frames are being manufactured mainly in two materials at present (for other modalities, and even for mountain biking, you start to see bicycle frames made of titanium and who knows what is to come in the cycling industry: D), But the main materials of manufacture of mtb Frames are two:

  • Aluminum mtb Frames. Aluminum is the most commonly found material in mountain bike frames, it is the most widespread material are lightweight boards and are not overly expensive, of course it all depends on the type of alloys with which they are made but actually represents in the Current industry mtb Frames cheap (more economical).
  • Carbon mtb Frames. The carbon for the frames of mountain bicycle is a plastic material that has very good mechanical characteristics, is very light and flexible (they have a great capacity of absorption of the vibrations produced by the terrain), although they are classified of "more fragile" and is more expensive. So the carbon, for normal general, each brand of bicycles and / or bicycle frames reserve it for those models of mtb cadres of the highest range: more expensive mtb frames.


Which are the best MTB / Mountain bike seller online in 2017 - 2018?

We present a small list of them ^_^.

MTB  Frame Transition Patrol

The new Mountain Bike Patrol that presents us the prestigious Transition brand is a full suspension model with which you will have the best response thanks to the excellent contact that guarantees.

We found this mountain bike box available in green and in a wheel size of .5"


MTB / Mountain Bike Frame COMMENCAL META HT AM .5" wheels

Commencal introduces us the new MTB Meta HT HT frame model with which going out to train will become an experience. This frame for the Enduro / All Mountain cycling mode is a model for .5 "wheels and stands out mainly for its short pod geometry. The Commencal Meta HT AM box has been manufactured using 6061 aluminum of triple thickness and of excellent quality to offer the best strength and rigidity.

This MTB frame model is available in red and yellow.

  • Cycling Modality: Enduro / All Mountain


Mountain frame SARACEN MYST TEAM

The prestigious Saracen brand offers us its new model of MOUNTAIN BICYCLE bike Myst Team. This cycling frame for dual suspension bikes has been made using carbon material with the intention of providing the best lightness and at the same time resistance. This Saracen Myst Team, has been designed with the aim of guaranteeing the best comfort when going out to train and / or compete with the Enduro / downhill bike.

  • Cycling Mode: downhill / Enduro


Ragley Big Wig 2017 - 2018 Hardtail Mountain Bike Rig

The Ragley MTB Big Wig cycling box from the Ragley brand is a model designed for a hardtail and that has been elaborated with chromium steel 4130. This frame for bike of MOUNTAIN BICYCLE, counts on route of the fork of 130 mm although it is also Compatible with 120 and 140 mm paths.

Ragley Big Wig is available in green and yellow and black and white. In addition, this frame is compatible with wheels .5+ and 29".

  • Cycling Mode: All Mountain / Trail / Enduro


MTB / Mountain Bike Intense Spider 275C

The new Intense MTB Spider 275C frame model is the ideal choice if you want to get the best results during the MTB bike training / competitions. This dual bike mountain bike suspension features an internal wiring and protectors in the transmission pod and under the diagonal tube to increase its durability.

The Intense Spider frame is made of carbon and has a length of 130 mm. This painting is available in black and red, and gray.

  • Cycling Mode: Trail


Ritchey MTB 29 Inches Frame

This hardtail mountain frame (without rear suspension) from the Ritchey brand reminds us of the classic steel frames inside the mountain bike (all mountain).

This painting stands out for its comfort and its solidity. The tubes are treated with a heat treatment and incorporate a triple thickness that combine lightness with rigidity and are proclaimed as perfect mtb frames for XC practice.

Exactly, this model has been manufactured for wheel of 29 inches.


Frame FRM Anakin SLK carbon - wheel of 29

This brand manufactures its frames in Italy and especially this hardtail mtb box model has been designed for 29-inch wheel.

The entire BT frame assembly has been manually assembled using carbon layers manually. And it maintains this carbon-finish look like "paint".

  • Its strengths: Frame weight: 1050 kg (for a maximum pilot weight: 95 kg).


Mountain bike bike COMMENCAL META HT AM for .5" wheel

For those who already know this brand, because who has not seen this famous frame in their outputs of mountain bicycle / mtb? ... The MTB HT AM frame of the brand Commençal is the most agile model within the mbb bikes / Mountain bicycle hardtail (without rear suspension) of this Andorran brand.

Its specific geometry as aggressive places it as the best bikes / frames for enduro practice (even if it does not have a shock absorber in the rear): The maneuverability, the short pods and the more open angle of attack guarantee a precise driving for the More technical areas.

The frame of the META HT AM has been manufactured in high quality 6061 aluminum and has reinforcements of triple thickness.

Also, as a strong point: the brand gives a garartía of 5 years on the frame.


Mountain Bike Box DARTMOOR PRIMAL ,5"

This DARTMOOR brand (very famous in its line of DIRT cycling mode) is one of the favorites for all those endurers who want to be tested inside the hardtail (without rear suspension).

In addition, this frame has been manufactured to accommodate both 26-inch wheels and .5-inch wheels.

Light and resistant panel of high-end aluminum, with heat treatment.


In CoreBicycle you can buy mtb box (mtb frames, mountain bicycle frames, enduro frames, dirt frames, drop frames, cross-country frames, rally frames, xc frames) at the best price since you can compare prices between the main online cycling stores.


  • MTB VIPER X-Team 26 and 29
  • frame Mountain Bike COMMENCAL META HT AM ,5 '' Yellow
  • frame MTB Proceed Terra Alu 6 frame 1 1/8
  • Mountain Bike Box BICYCLES FURY WORLD CUP 26 ''
  • MTB Intense Cycles M9 Mountain Bike Frame
  • MTB Intense Cycles Hard Eddie Carbon Mountain Bike Frame
  • Titanium frame for wheels of .5
  • MTB Specialized S-works Enduro Box 29
  • Commencal VIP Supreme Park Downhill
  • frame Mountain Bike COMMENCAL META
  • frame MTB SANTA CRUZ NOMAD ,5 '' Shock absorber ROCKSHOX Vivid Air RC2
  • frame MTB SANTA CRUZ BRONSON Carbon CC ,5 ''


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