Kids Bicycles / Children's bicycles / small bikes

Discover in this category a wide variety of bicycles for the smallest of the house; Wide range of models, brands and designs. Choose and buy the child bike that best suits the age and needs of children.

  • There are bicycles for the little ones that do not incorporate pedal s and are used as a complement to learn to walk.
  • The next step when they grow a little more, is the incorporation of pedals and wheels. With these bikes children learn to pedal without risk of falling.
  • And the definitive step are the bicycles for children that do not incorporate wheels. With these bikes the boys and girls learn to pedal without the support of wheels to keep growing.

In the search engine and CoreBicycle Bike Product searcher You can find a large number of children's bicycles for all ages of the most recognized brands such as: Specialized, Dawes, Puky, Early Rider, Raleigh, Ridgeback , Ghost, Giant, Diamond, Frog bikes, Felt, Kona, Orbea, Rebel Kidz, Saracen, Cinelli, Scott...

The top 10 best seller Kids Bicycles / Children's bicycles

And the models of children's bicycles/child more purchased online are:

  • children's bike without pedals Verenti Woody Runner
  • children's bike without pedals Verenti smoothy Runner
  • children's bike without pedals Redeb Air Steel
  • children's bike without pedals Haro 10 "
  • children's bike without pedals with Pucky LR Xl Brake
  • children's bicycles with wheels raleight Rongbird 2017
  • children's bicycles with wheels Dino Bikes Aveng ers
  • Children's Bike Spider Man
  • Children's Bike Saracen Freewheek
  • Children's Bike Seven .0
  • Children's Bike Monz Balance Bike 12
  • Children's Bike Rad Bike Push
  • Children's Bike Ridgeback Scoot
  • children's bike without pedal s Kokua LikeaBike Spoky
  • children's bike without pedal s Rebel Kidz Draisienne
  • children's bike without pedal s Puky LR M
  • children's bicycles with wheels Dawes Blowfish
  • children's bicycles with wheels Ghost Powerkid
  • children's bicycles with wheels Ridgeback Melody 16
  • Children's Bike Diamond K20
  • Children's Bike Puky ZL
  • Children's Bike Dawes Blowfish
  • Children's Bike Viper 15 TR


* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.


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