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During the winter season when the cold is felt in the body, it is necessary to use the appropriate clothing to practice cycling with the utmost comfort and comfort. One of the most important garments is the cycling jacket.

Cycling jacket s primarily must protect the rider's body from three key aspects: temperature, wind and water. In order to be able to make this protection effective, the cycling jacket s are made with different materials that help to this end. There are different types of cycling jackets depending on the element you want to protect:

  • windbreaker Jackets: These are the jackets designed to prevent the wind from brewing inside the body. These jackets are made with fabrics known as "Windstopper" and should allow good perspiration to prevent sweat from soaking the body. They are mostly able to protect even from the weak rain.
  • Thermal Jackets: Those jackets that in addition to preventing the penetration of the wind and enjoying a good ventilation, have thicker internal paddings that protect from the lower temperatures.
  • Waterproof jackets: Waterproof jackets have the main function of preventing water from penetrating the cyclist's body, keeping it dry. Inside the waterproof jackets we can differentiate between three different types:
    • non-breathable water resistant: They are commonly known as raincoats. They are useful for short-term showers. By not being breathable the sweat generated stays inside.
    • Waterproof and breathable: They are those who are capable of perspiring preventing the sweat from soaking the body but the waterproofness is only effective in the rains not very intense.
    • Waterproof and breathable jackets: They are those that use fabrics such as "GoreTex" among others. They are highly resistant to rain at the same time they show a very good perspiration. They are the most expensive and but the ones that offer better protection against all the elements.

The key aspects of choosing a cycling jacket are:

  • im Permeability: At least it must withstand the pressure of 1000 mm of water without transpassing into the interior.
  • perspiration: It is a key aspect that the sweat can go out to the outside because otherwise the body is soaked and produces the same effect as the rain.
  • Sealing: In the area of the seams, the zipper, grips, waist and neck are the main points where the cold, wind and water seep. For this reason it is very important to seal these areas.
  • Visibility: It is important that the jacket is of bright colors or incorporates reflective areas to improve the visibility of the rider respect to other drivers. This improves safety especially on very cloudy days or in low-light hours.
  • storage capacity: Jackets must include zippered pockets to facilitate the transport of small items such as wallet, phone, gloves, tools...

In the search engine and compared to CoreBicycle Cycling products you will find a wide variety of cycling jacket s and you will be able to choose between the main brands such as: Castelli, Endura, sportful, Gore Bike Wear, Mavic, Northwave, Craft, Altura, Vaude, Nalini, Pearl Izumi, Madison, Santini, Fox Racing, Scott, Sugoi, Etxeondo, Giant, Assos, Gonso, Specialized, Spiuk, DHB...

Do you want to buy online the best rated jackets (cheaper and better performance) for road cycling and MTB 2016-2017?

Windbreaker DHB Classic Softshell Jacket

This super-versatile polar jacket with wind-blocking technology will keep you warm and comfortable when the temperature drops

Endura Windchill II Jacket

When you need a little more protection from wind, rain or cold temperatures, the Endura Windchill II jacket is the one you should use.


  • Front side and waterproof/breathable/elastic sleeves
  • Thermal Roubaix under the arms, on the sides and the back.
  • Sleeves and reflective backside.

Sportful Reflex Cycling Jacket

Windbreaker fabric and water repellent designed to guarantee maximum visibility at 360 º.

Endura Gridlock II 2016 jacket

Jacket for MTB Compact, breathable and waterproof. The Endura Gridloc is your essential autumn and winter jacket for all MTB modalities that require more mobility (freeride, all Mountain, Enduro and DH).

Jacket Castelli Passo Giau 2016 2017

Made with Windstopper X-Fast and X-Mid fabrics for ultimate Winter protection, the Castelli Passo Giau jacket provides everything you need to perform to the fullest.

Windbreaker One Industries Ion Jacket

Indispensable for the colder months. The windbreaker and water repellent fabric protects you from the elements while the reflective details ensure that you remain visible when you go out at night.

Using the CoreBicycle Searcher is very simple: you only have to filter within the category clothes for cycling jacket s and you will find a wide variety of cycling jacket s among the most valued and Used by cyclists, for example:

  • Oneten Element Jacket
  • Mavic Oxygen H2O Jacket
  • Castelli Gabba Jacket
  • Endura Equip jacket
  • Windbreak sportful re Flex
  • Castelli Velo Jacket
  • Jacket Gore Bike Wear Countdown .0
  • Jacket Alé PRR


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