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In recent years has been an increment of the people whom have decided to make city and urban cycling. Has been an awareness among citizens of the need to protect the environment by lowering pollution levels.

The best seller hybrid, urban & city bicycles 2018

One of the best ways to reduce pollution by Carbon Monoxide within cities is to use bicycles to make regular journeys such as going to work, go shopping, take the kids to school or simply practice a sport in parks and use of bicycles areas.

To move around the city by bike there are a variety of bicycles, which are describe below:

Folding bikes: This bicycles are ideal for use in the city where it is necessary to use some public transport such as bus, subway or train. In addition you can also store it at home or the office. This way you will not have to suffer thinking it can be steal. The wheels and the frame are very small and folds and unfolds quickly and easily by quick releases. They have a light weight for easy transport by hand.

City Bike or Dutch: These bikes provide a "retro" look to move around the city. They carry a single rack and are ideal for driving without very hilly areas. All the components have a "vintage" look and the wheels used are large.

Hybrid Bicycles: These bikes are a blend between road and mountain bikes. Mounted wheels are large in size but with wide tires, can be used for driving on asphalt or roads. Full suspension Height Handlebar are used to improve comfort, and features a system gears with various chainrings and fixed gear to adapt to the ups and downs.

In addition to these models, within bicycles classified as urban are the Cruiser, Fixie & Electric but in the product searcher CoreBicycle have its own category.

Here in the category dedicated exclusively to Urban & Hybrids bikes you will find the leading brands such as: Specialized, Cannondale, Giant, GT, Trek, Dawes, Kona, Scott, Charge, Dahon, Pashley, Ridgeback, Bobbin Bicycles, Creme Pinnacle, Felt, Ghost, Tern, BMC ...


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