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What are bicycle hubs?

The hubs are the parts of the bicycle wheels on which these are supported and give the movement; The axle is attached to the bicycle and on the wheels rotate.

Which are the best sellers hub brands for bicycle / Bike?

Shimano, Hope, DT Swiss, MSC, NS Bikes, Prime, Miche, Sturmey Archer, Pride Racing, SALTPLUS, Chris King, ECLAT, SRAM, SunRace, Colony, Halo, Rohloff, Wethepeople, PowerTap, Syntace, Sixpack Racing, DMR, Mavic, SALT, BSD, Campagnolo, Giant - Liv, Octane One, Shadow Conspiracy, Spank, Crank Brothers,

What types of hubs exist for cycling?

In the world of cycling, two types of hubs are typically used: sealed bearings or ball bearing. Although typically, at least in the modalities where the weight of the bicycle is not pressing as much, as downhill, Enduro,..., the hubs are usually all sealed bearings because, although they are heavier, its maintenance is easier because it is a watertight system that Insulates from dirt.
Bearing hubs are lighter but are not very "suitable" for certain cycling modalities because they are not as "watertight" as sealed bearing systems and take more sucidedad.

The different types of rear hubs depend on the bike's transmission are:

  • Fixed sprocketthread hub,
  • Threaded hub for single sprocket in Freewheel (singlespeed) or threaded cassette,
  • Full suspension threaded hub,
  • retro PedalHub,
  • Hub with integrated change,
  • Hub for sprockets cassette,

The most important thing in the maintenance of the Hubs:

- Keep the bearing system in perfect condition.

- Keep in mind that you normally have to differentiate front wheel hubs and rear wheel hubs. The rear wheel hubs are usually prepared to be attached to the change cassettes and through a ratchet/spring system allow the wheel to be turned free or not with the pedaling.

- Ensure that the hub system has not been loosened when performing maintenance or a simple operation of removing and inserting the wheel. The hubs incorporate very easy-to-use locking systems that allow you to adjust them without much effort: Be sure that the hub is correctly located and adjusted before using your bike.

What hubs can you find in CoreBicycle's search engine?

In the search engine of CoreBicycle cycling products you will be able to find all kinds of hubs:

Wheel hubs Front,
Rear Wheel Hubs

of first brands such as: Shimano, Hope, Sun Ringer, Cinelli, DT Swiss, Campagnolo, Mavic, Nukeproof, BLB, DMR, E Thirteen, Fulcrum, Chris King, PowerTap, Halo, Miche, Colony, NS Bikes, Primo, Cole, Fast Forward, Spank, SRAM, among many others Brands of market hubs

And you'll find models like:

  • Fast Forward Dt Swiss 240s Cassette Body
  • Rear hub DT Swiss 350 IS2000 142
  • Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 32 Hole 14 Speed Internal Gear Quick-release Disc Rear Hub
  • Back hub Kore Durox Disc XX1
  • Rear hub HOPE PRO EVO 6 red Holes
  • Histoped counterpedal hub and vel. Silver
  • Silver Rear Menjoin Hub
  • Shimano-Dura Front hub ACE 9000
  • Front hub Shimano-DH 3N72B Dynamo Hubs
  • Front hub Shimano 105 5800-36H Black Hubs


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