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The helmet is one of the most important elements of protection for the practice of cycling in any of its modalities. The helmet helps to disipate and reduce the force of the impacts that occur in the falls protecting an area as sensitive as the head.

To choose the perfect helmet for each person and cycling modality that is practiced we must take into account the following points:

  • Choose the helmet for the modal ity that is practiced
  • Choosing the right size and measurements to your head
  • Check the manufacturing date and the manufacturer's recommended life
  • Examine that it complies with all the necessary homolog ation requirements
  • In case of strong blow, although externally looks perfect, do not hesitate to change it

Inside the cycling helmet s There are a wide variety of models that have been designed to offer the maximum performance in each of the cycling modalities. The main types of helmets that we can find are:

  • Bicycle Helmets for children:

These helmets have been designed for the little ones of the house. Their designs incorporate the favorite characters of the boys and girls and will serve to be well protected with the bicycle, the scooter, the skateboard...

  • Dirt, Jump and BMX Bike helmets:

The helmets of these modalities are characterized by being very round, with little ventilation and they come to tyre the area of the nape. The tyre is very thick to protect from the strong impacts that occur.

  • Urban Bicycle Helmets:

They are helmets to circulate around the city. In recent years its design has been greatly improved by being compact and practical at the same time. Used to be little ventilated.

  • Road  Bike Helmets:

Within the road helmets we can distinguish up to 3 different categories:

  • Classic Helmet: They are the most used by cyclists. They are distinguished by not wearing a visor, incorporating a large number of ventilation holes and showing aggressive lines.
  • Aero Helmets: They look like a classic style design but carry the vast majority of closed ventilation holes. They are used by sprinters and lately also triathlon practitioners as they improve the aerodynamic response.
  • Time trial Helmets: These helmets stand out for their aerodynamic profile. They can incorporate rear tail and do not have vent holes. Some models also incorporate front visor to protect the eyes. They are used for competitions against the stopwatch.
  • MTB/Mountain Bike Helmets:

Inside the helmets for mountain bike we differentiate between 3 different types:

  • Classic with visor: They are the most used model by bikers. Its design is very similar to classic road helmets but usually has fewer ventilation holes. They also have a small visor on the front, which can be removed on many occasions.
  • Trail Helmets: These helmets stand out to incorporate a visor of bigger size than the classics, they look less ventilation holes and their shape is more rounded.
  • Fullface Cacos: These helmets are used for modalities such as Enduro or downhill. They are similar to those of motocross. Nowadays, some brands make fullface helmets with good ventilations, with the Morrera detachable and other characteristics for making them more exclusive for cycling.

In the search engine of cycling products of CoreBicycle we have integrated the best online sales stores national and international. We can show many options and give the possibility that our users find the best price to buy any cycling helmet of the leading brands worldwide such as: Giro, Bell, Met, Specialized, Kask, Catlike, Fox Racing, Spiuk, Rudy Project, Mavic, Bontrager, POC, Limar, Uvex, Lazer, Troy Lee designs, bluegrass, Alpina, Endura, Urge, TSG, Cinelli, 661, Carrera, Cannondale, Casco, Bern, BBB, Oneal, Giant, ZeroRH Among other great brands.


Also in CoreBicycle we have the category spare parts where you can find any part of the helmet shell that has been broken, lost, worn... to buy it without the need to buy a new helmet.

Using the CoreBicycle Searcher is very simple: you only have to filter within the category protection by helmet s and you can filter by the type of helmet you are looking for. Inside you can find the most used helmets and recommended by cyclists, for example:

  • Catlike Mixino
  • Bell Star Pro
  • Gyro Synthe
  • Limar Ultralight +
  • MET Stradivarius
  • Lazer Z1 Fast
  • Octal POC
  • Giro Xar
  • Fox Flux
  • Garneau Carve
  • Bell Variant
  • Cannondale Ryker
  • Bell Super 2r
  • Troy Lee Designs D3 Speeda
  • Device Dirt Skull
  • Met Parachute
  • ...

What are the cases of MTB/dirt/integrals/road and Counter watch more purchased online on 2016-2017 at best quality-price?

Fullface MTB Helmet for downhill/enduro with detachable Morrera gyro Switchblade MIPS

The Giro brand presents the new star model for 2016 – 2017 in terms of fullface helmets; The Switchblade MIPS helmet. This fullface helmet model incorporates the Roc Loc Air DH adjustment system that allows to adjust it to the cyclist's head, offering maximum comfort. Inside this helmet has been added an X-Static padding with antibacterial treatment so that the rider has the maximum comfort. In addition, this fullface helmet shell of the Giro brand has 20 ventilation holes that will help keep the user's head fresh.

One detail to note is that the fullface helmet for downhill and enduro Giro Switchblade has a detachable morrera for you to wear only when you need it.

  • Weight: 600 grams (without chin-up – T. m), 975 grams (with chin-up – T. m)

Helmet Troy Lee Designs A1 Army/Drone/reflex/Turbo/Galaxy MTB/Mountain Bike

The new MTB helmet Troy Lee Designs A1 is a model specially designed for the practice of both All Mountain and Enduro cycling and for the quietest bike outings. The helmet shell structure has been made with reinforced polycarbonate to guarantee a great resistance and also to absorb well the possible impacts that may occur.

Inside the helmet shell you have added an EPS foam padding that will keep your head protected and comfortable. Also in order to achieve the best comfort, 8 front and 8 rear ventilation channelshave been incorporated.

  • Weight: 320 grams

Helmet Urge Archi-Enduro RR 2017

The first and only fullface helmet without morrera detachable of competition of Enduro of the market. The Archi Enduro offers superior comfort and protection in a very light format.

Road cycling Helmet Zero RH + ZY – ZeroRH

The ZY helmet is the new model of road helmet presented by the prestigious Italian brand Zero RH +. This road cyclinghelmet, has been designed to convey a great elegance and provide lightness to get the best comfort.

The Fit – DoubleRH + Power Locking system allows you to adjust the helmet to the perfect size of your head in order to keep you protected but at the same time ensuring maximum comfort.

  • Weight: 240 grams (S-M)

Time Trial/TT swivel Air Attack helmet

The helmet Air Attack is the new model of helmet time trial that has released the brand Giro. This helmet has an excellent compact design to provide great aerodynamic s thus achieving the best efficiency. Inside the helmet shell has been added an X-Static padding system with antibacterial treatment that will guarantee the rider the best comfort when going out to train. As a system of aeration this helmet of time of the mark turn, incorporates an internal canalization next to 6 aeration Grat ings that will help to keep the head fresh.

  • Weight: 270 grams


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