Pulse/ Heart rate monitors/device (with/without band)

The pulse or heart rate monitors/electronic devices (or whatchs) are an element that in recent years has become indispensable for cyclists seeking to improve their physical condition or to keep controlled at all times the degree of effort that is Out. This way you can avoid the excessive efforts that are detrimental to the organism.

Thanks to its multiple functions the pulse allow to know to the maximum detail all the parameters that affect the physical performance. Following the right beats you can avoid the famous "birds", at the same time you can choose which intensity strip you want to train.

To know exactly which stripes you should train to improve performance and which ones you should avoid, you need to visit a specialist doctor to make a complete medical examination, accompanied by a test of Effort. In this way you will know exactly what are the optimal pulsing values to train in a satisfactory way.

Pulse there is a great variety either by color, design, brand or performance, parameters that incorporates, functionality... The most current models include the possibility of trans ferring to the computer, or through applications for mobile phones, the data obtained during the cycling trip. This way you get a complete file on the evolution of your state of form, at the same time that you can compare with other users the results obtained.

In the search engine and the CoreBicycle Cycling product, you will find a wide variety of pulse among the most prestigious brands in the market, such as: Polar, Garmin, Sigma, Suunto, Mio, Timex, Cateye, Tom Tom, Cinelli, Bryton, Jawbone, Fitbit, Ciclosport...

HR Heart Rate monitor watch Fitbit Charge

  • Continuous, automatic and PurePulse ® wrist frequency monitoring, all day, during workouts and beyond.
  • Calendar calls, messages, and notifications

In addition, in the heart rate section you will also be able to buy all the accessories needed for the proper functioning of the heart rate monitor as:

  • Fastening Tapes
  • Sensors
  • Heart Rate measuring Tapes
  • Connection Cables with the computer
  • Batteries and Batteries
  • Straps
  • Bicycle Stands

The best seller Heart Rate monitor/device/watches used by cyclists in 2018

  • Heart rate Monitor Polar CS 500 +
  • Heart rate Monitor Polar RS300X
  • Heart rate Monitor Suunto Ambit3
  • Heart rate Monitor  Sigam PC 15
  • Heart rate Monitor Garmin Forerunner
  • Heart rate Monitor Heart rate- monitor Suunto M5


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