Handlebar Bar end / extensions / connections for MTB, TT, triathlon and road Cycling

The R- lever bar ends popularly known as "horns" allow cyclists to take more aerodynamic postur es on the bike.

You can differentiate two types of main bar ends made with materials that stand out for their rigidity and lightness mainly carbon:

  • Mountain Bike Handlebar bar ends: They are two cylindrical tubes of 5 to 10 CMS that are placed at the ends of the handlebars helping to exert more tension in the rises and allowing to adopt a more aerodynamic position in flat terrains.
  • Handlebar ends for TT (time trial) and triathlon bicycles: They are formed by two parallel arms that together with the support stands of the elbow are mounted on the front of the handlebar. These bar end allow to obtain a better aerodynamic coefficient to fight against the wind.

Mountain Bike, Road bike o Triathlon Bicycle: Handlebar Bar end / extensions / connections

If you want to buy triathlon bar ends / handlebars / clamps / air handlebar / handlebar extension / extension of Aero handlebar / bridges/ handlebar Pads and all the accessories you may need for your triathlon, road, track or any other type of bike. Do not forget to visit the search engine CoreBicycle.

Want to know what are the best rated handlebar bar ends online by cyclists during the year 2017-2018?

Pro Aluminium anatomic handlebar bar ends

The new model that gives us the Pro brand will allow the cyclist to be able to get out with the road bike with total comfort. They have been designed with an anatomical shape so that the cyclist's hands adapt perfectly and help to get the best comfort for the biker when the bike is on top.

  • Length: 80 mm.
  • Weight: 120 grams/pair
  • Color: Black

Handlebar bar ends Zipp Vuka Aluminia Race

Zipp launches the new Vuka Aluminia Race handlebar bar end model. A handlebar extension specially focused to provide the best comfort and performance. Its design has been made so that the cyclist can find the perfect position on the bike.

  • diameter: 31.8 mm
  • Color: Black

Deda Metal Blast handlebar bar ends

This model has been designed to provide the rider with the necessary comfort during the race bike workouts/competitions. This handlebar bar end has been specially designed for the bikes against the clock , thus providing the ideal level of aerodynamics, especially for the most demanding and professional cyclists.

This Deda brand triathlon handlebar also incorporates a armrest and extension chainring.

  • Diameter: 31.7 mm.
  • Color: black, white
  • Weight: 266 grams

Bar end Aero Erkos 1.5 Carbon

Aero brand new Erkos Carbon bar ends are ideal for short, medium and long distances. Thanks to the ergonomic 3k extensions, the rider will have the best comfort and hold of the arms as they remain more relaxed. These extensions can also go under the handlebars. In addition, Aero Erkos handlebar bar ends will ensure less friction of the air with the rider's body.

The connector bridge along with the hubs will allow the diameter to be changed to 26 mm.

  • diameter: 31.8 mm.

BBB Ergosticks M Bbe-15 110 mm handlebar bar ends

The BBB Ergosticks M BBE handlebar bar ends are designed and manufactured with the best materials and the highest quality in order to provide the best comfort of the rider. These advances have an ergonomic shape perfectly adapted to the biker's hands, providing maximum comfort.

  • length: 110 mm
  • Weight: 144 grams

Handlebar bar ends 3t Vola Team Stealth Essential-time trial

This new model of handlebar bar ends that presents the brand 3t is considered mid-range so that the rider will have in his hands a component that will help you get the best comfort on the road bike/time trial. The diameter is 31.8 + 0.1/0..

  • weight: approx. 700 grams

In the search of CoreBicycle you will find all the bar ends that you need for your handlebars, to go more comfortable, at the best price since CoreBicycle integrates the main national and international online stores of sale of Bicycles, components and accessories of cycling.

Find all the accessories for your handlebars (clamps, pads, bar ends, extensions) of top brands such as 3t, Cinelli, Pro, Profile Design, Deda, Ritchey, Fizik, Specialized and Bontrager among many others.


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