HandleBars Bar End Plugs / Grips stoppers

The handlebar end plugs are a small component of the bike very useful and that should be essential. In the competitions regulated by the UCI (International Cycling Union) The use of handlebar end plugs is totally obligatory.

This piece has a very important utility that can save lives, even if it seems an exaggeration. The handlebar end plugs can close the hole that forms the handlebar tube. This hole has a fairly small diameter and ends with sharp edges. When a fall occurs the handlebars can hit the cyclists.

what are the best HandleBars Bar End Plugs / Grips stoppers for Mountain bike or road Bike?

With the simple use of the grips stopper, even if you receive the strong blow from the handlebar, the stopper prevents the edges of the tube from tearing the skin, protecting the body from much more serious wounds.

Plugs are made of plastic (such as PVC) or metallic materials (such as aluminum). It should be noted that its lightness benefits us not penalizándonos in the weight of the whole. In addition, handlebar end plugs are also available in countless colors prepared to match the bike.

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