MTB Double rise handlebar / road handlebar / flat handlebar / Time Trial / Triathlon

There are a wide variety of bike handlebar s in the same way that there are a wide variety of possible ratings. For this reason in CoreBicycle We propose a classification that has as main objective to present the most common handlebar s among the cyclists.

Handlebar types: MTB Double rise handlebar / Road handlebar / Flat handlebar / Time Trial / Triathlon

Handlebar types:

  • Full suspension height handlebar: They are the handlebars used mainly by the mountain bikes. They can be divided into "flat handlebars" where the bar is completely straight and those of "full suspension height" that the central part is lower than the ends. They are handlebars that allow a great control and maneuver ability of the bike but offer little comfort due to the little variety of grip options offered. Depending on the mode for which you want to use it will vary the length of the handlebar.
  • Road Handlebars: It is the handlebar used in bicycles of road, cyclocross and track among other modalities. Its main characteristic are the curves it possesses. These curves allow for a wide variety of different gripping positions. There is a growing lowering of the weight of the road handlebars with the use of carbon as the main element.
  • Time trial handlebars: These handlebars, also known as "horns" , are designed to provide the rider with an aerodynamic position that allows him to improve the results in tests against the stopwatch. It's made up of two parts. The flat bottom and the upper part formed by the bar ends. The purpose of this handlebar is not to offer comfort or maneuverability, only to improve the aerodynamic response of the bicycle and the cyclist. Some urban bicycles such as the "Fixie" use this type of handlebar without using the aerodynamic bar ends.
  • Touting handlebars: In this category we include the handlebars used in ride bicycles, cruiser, Dutch and even the "butterfly handlebars". The main characteristic of these handlebars lies in the comfort. They are wide handlebars that do not offer much maneuverability and can be considered as an intermediate step between the full suspension height and the road.

Using the CoreBicycle search engine is very simple: you only have to filter within the category components by handlebars and you will find all the handlebars described above from the main brands worldwide such as: 3t, Ritchey, Easton, Deda, Race Face, Pro, Spank, Truvativ, Zipp, FSA, Cinelli, Renthal, Specialized, BBB, Fizik, Thomson, Funn, Bontrager, reverse, Kore, Answer, Crank Brothers, ELEVN, Charge, BLB, Profile design, SB3, MSC. .. Among many other brands.


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