When we talk about groupsets of components for the bike, it is often not clear how many pieces and parts are part of what we know as a groupset.

As a general rule the parts that are part of a groupset of components, whether for road or mountain bike are:

  • Brake and change levers
  • Disc or rim brakes
  • Chainring Diverters
  • Cranksets
  • Cables and Tyres
  • Rear derailleur
  • Sprockets Cassette
  • Bottom bracket Shaft
  • Chain
  • Chainrings
  • Wheel hubs

Among the different brands that manufacture component groups are:

  • Shimano Manufacturing Groups:
    • DuraAce, Ultegra, 105, Tiagra, Sora, Claris for road bike
    • XTR, XT, Deore, Saint, ZEE, DXR, relief, mountain bike Steel
  • Campagnolo Manufacturing:
    • Super record EPS, record EPS, chorus EPS super record, record, chorus, Athena, Swifte
  • SRAM Manufacturing Groups:
    • XX1, XX, X01, X0, X1, GX, X9, X7, X5 for bicycle MTB/MTB
    • Red ETAP, red, Force 1, Force CX1, force, rival 1, rival, Apex, S-Series for road cycling

Each one of these groups belongs to a range within the brand itself. They are made from very basic ranges for users who start in cycling, to high quality ranges used only by professionals, through intermediate levels that manage to satisfy all types of cyclists.

The main difference between them resides in the material with which they are made and consequently the weight of the different components. The higher the range, the lighter, more reliable and durable the equipment. Manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce the weight of the different components of change more and more.

Groupsets: what kind of bicycle components are included?

Currently, electronic changesare coming with strength, which are priced higher, but are giving very good results, offering security to change. They stand out for their excellent response and functionality when the cyclist rolls on any terrain. A product that is breaking hard into amateur cycling.

In the search engine of cycling products of CoreBicycle we have integrated the best online sales stores national and international. We can show many options and give the possibility for our users to find the best price by purchasing complete groups of components from leading brands such as Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM.

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