GPS devices for Cycling (MTB, road cycling, triathlon, ...), Running and Swimming

In recent years technology has experienced an unprecedented revolution and the world of cycling has not been left out of these important changes incorporating the technology provided by GPS devices for the bicycle/Cyclist.

The communication and data transfer have meant for cyclists to be able to prepare at home the route they want to make. This way when the day of departure comes you know the details of the sites you will be passing through. Thanks to the "tracks" and routes shared by other users you can know the distance, height, time, average speed... they have invested in doing the training.

GPS Bike/Bicycle Devices are also very useful to circulate in areas you do not know, because thanks to the inclusion of maps and"Tracks" you know at all times where you are and how to keep moving along the right path without losing you.


The GPS navigation systems for bicycles are also able to store a lot of information and all the parameters necessary to know all the details of the training. Values such as speed, average speed, height, beats, wind direction, temperature, pedaling cadence, calories spent, meters ascended... are just a small sample of the large amount of data that are capable of Store.

Another of the most attractive aspects of GPS devices for cycling is the possibility to download all the data through a computer, or through applications for mobile devices and analyze quietly from home All data obtained. There is even the possibility of real-time tracking of the location and route that a cyclist is following, by connecting the GPS device to the Android phone and its applications.

Today the use of GPS for the bicycle has become essential for cyclists and its use has experienced a great growth. For this reason in the search engine of cycling products of CoreBicycle We have the leading brands in GPS for bicycle As for example:Garmin, Twonav, Suunto, Polar, Bryton, Sigma, Cinelli, Cateye, Mio, K Edge, Bar Fly, Lezyne, Tom Tom, BBB, Bontrager…

In addition to satisfying the most innovative cyclists CoreBicycle has the models of GPS devices for bicycles most used and valued by cyclists such as:

  • GPS Garmin Edge 1000
  • GPS Garmin Edge 810
  • GPS Polar CS 500
  • GPS Garmin 510
  • GPS Magellan Cyclo505HC
  • GPS Cateye Stealth 10
  • GPS Bryton Rider 50E OS

What are the most online-purchased GPS devices by cyclists?

GPS Polar V800 Cardio Watch

The new model of clock with integrated GPS device V800 Cardio that has released the Polar brand is an element that will allow you to have at hand all the necessary information when going out to train with the bike. The Polar V800 GPS Watch has a highly sensitive receiver

The GPS Polar V800 Cardio has a autonomy of 13 hours with GPS and sensors activated and up to 50 hours with GPs in low consumption mode; The V800 Cardio watch includes the belt to measure the heart rate. This GPS watch also has a barometric altimeter and a 8Mo Flash memory.

This new GPS watch model has been developed using an aluminium and stainless steel casing and has a weight of 79 grams.


Garmin Vivosmart HR + GPS activity Controller

The new Vivosmart HR + is the new GPS watch model that has released the Garmin brand. The Vivosmart HR + has different functions such as the optical heart rate monitor, intelligent notifications or monitoring of daily activity.

The GPS clock Vivosmart HR + has an internal accelerometer that allows recording the distances traveled during the workouts, and also incorporates GPS functions. In addition, this new GPS watch model is submersible up to a depth of 50 meters. Thanks to the battery that this watch has, it will have a 5 day autonomy with Pulse recording 24 hours and up to 8 hours using the GPS

Suunto Spartan Ultra GPS Watch-Pulse GPS

The new Spartan Ultra GPS Watch that has launched the prestigious Suunto brand guarantees all the necessary information when going out to train. In addition, with this watch, it includes up to 80 sport modes among which we find cycling, swimming, triathlon, etc.

The Suunto Spartan Ultra Watch has Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with a heart rate monitor and cadence sensors. This GPS watch will inform you of data such as rhythm/speed and distance/calories. In addition, the Suunto Spartan Ultra has been developed using a stainless steel bezel and sapphire crystal and has an autonomy of approximately 26 hours in training mode. As for submersion, the Spartan Ultra has a resistance of 100 m.

Suunto Ambit 3 Vertical GPS Watch (Hr - heart rate band)

The new model of clock with GPS Ambit 3 Vertical that has launched the Suunto brand incorporates all the functions of a multisport watch, besides having the function of heart rate monitor and with which you can easily plan and record the increase in elevation. This new GPS watch is compatible with Bluetooth Smart and emits intelligent notifications. Thanks to the Suunto Movescount application you will be able to share your experiences.

The Suunto ambit Vertical GPS Watch has a weight of 74 grams and has been developed using a steel bezel and mineral crystal. The battery with which it counts guarantees an autonomy of 14 days in real time mode.

GPS Garmin Forerunner 735 XT-Pack Tri

The Garmin Forerunner 735 XT GPS is an exceptional GPS watch model that will provide you with all the information you need to be able to go out and train with maximum performance. Among its main functions, the new GPS Forerunner 735 XT that has released the Garmin brand, found the heart rate, emits intelligent notifications, has an activity monitor, controls the recovery, make a forecast of Carrera, offers the threshold of Lactato2 and performs an estimation of the VO2.

The battery of this Garmin-branded GPS watch has a 24horas autonomy in Ultra Trac mode without heart rate and 11 days in clock mode.

Kit computer GPS Polar M450 HR Red Edition

With the purchase of the new computer Polar M45o, this kit includes the heart rate transmitter (HR), the bicycle stand and a red change tyre.

The computer Polar M450 incorporates features such as Orthostatic test, FItness test, Training Benefit, Smart calories or Tranining Load and Recovery. These functions will help you to see the heart rate and how it influences factors such as stress, see your progress day by day, the effect of training sessions, calculates the number of calories burned.

The computer M450 also informs you of altitude, ascent and downhill, as well as speed/rhythm zones or power zones.

Computer Sensor GPS Bryton Rider 100

The new model of computer Bryton Rider 100 has been developed so you can go out to train having all the information at hand at all times. This computer is automatically stop and starts when the user does and has 36 different functions among which we find the time, speed, distance, calories, cadence, etc.

The computer Bryton Rider 100 is compatible with the ANT + cadence sensors and with heart rate monitors. For the user's convenience during use, it has been elaborated with a large screen anti-glare of day and with clear light of background for the nocturnal routes.

Polar M400 with heart rate monitor with integrated GPS

  • Up to 8 hours of battery life when using GPS and heart rate monitor
  • Includes OwnCal calorie counter, the most accurate in the market


GPS Watch with cardio and music TomTom Runner 3

  • GPS Tracking
  • Integrated Heart rate Monitor
  • Listen to more than 500 songs from your Watch
  • Up to 11 hours battery life


Computer Polar V650 Strava GPS with heart rate monitor

  • Integrated GPS
  • Highly customizable screen
  • It can be paired to an external sensor to measure heart rate, speed, cadence and power.
  • Front LED for improved visibility


Computer GPS Polar M450

  • Integrated GPS
  • Highly customizable screen
  • It can be paired to an external sensor to measure heart rate, speed, cadence and power.
  • Front LED for improved visibility

Cyclo computer GPS Polar M460 – with heart rate monitor

A powerful accessory with advanced compatibility with power meters, Strava live segments, Polar Smart Coaching and more!

Includes heart rate monitor for that crucial precision you need to be the best

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.


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