Spare parts & replacement mask and cycling goggles/lenses downhill / DH and Enduro goggles

Goggles and masks are an essential element for riders who practice mountain bike downhill and Enduro. Thanks to them we can avoid that the stones, the branches, the wind, or the water damage the eyes.

For this reason it is important to keep the lens of the goggles or masks in perfect condition. Here in the search engine of CoreBicycle we have created the category bike masks-spare parts to incorporate the lenses and elements necessary to keep the goggles and masks in perfect condition. You will find the best brands: 100%, Fox Racing, Oakley, Shot, X Force Optics, Spy, ONeal, Giro, Lazer, Smith, Adidas, POC, Uvex, MSC, AXO.

Also we can find different lenses of brands such as Oakley or POC, which are adapted to the amount of sunlight we receive, as the vision is not the same a sunny day that a cloudy or rainy day.


Where to buy spare lenses/tear off for online cycling masks and at the best price?

Cycling protection mask Spare lenses 100% Goggle ACCURI

The 100% mask replacement lenses allow you to swap them when you wear them. This spare glass in addition, is compatible with Tear Offs.

The anti-fog treatment that incorporates these replacement lenses enhances your comfort during workouts. Of these spare lenses of the protection mask 100% Accuri, it is worth highlighting the mirror effect thus achieving the perfect Look. In addition, with these 100% brand lenses you will have the maximum protection against UV rays.

Cycling protection Mask Oakley Airbrake MX Spare lenses

The Airbrake MX replacement lenses have been developed with High Definition Optics technology. This Oakley-branded technology increases the quality of vision from any angle, as well as providing sharpness and precision in the images.

The spare crystals of the Oakley Airbrake MX Protective Mask keep you highly protected against UV rays.

Lens Spare bike protection mask 100% Racecraft

With the new mirror lenses for the protection mask 100% Racecraft you will have the mirror effect and also you can find them in different colors. These spare crystals have been manufactured by an anti-fog treatment and are compatible with Tear-Off.

For greater comfort¸ these lenses guarantee the best protection against UV rays and also, with them you will have the best visibility when you leave the bike.

Tear off/plastic protectors/mud Plastic for mask 100%

Tear Off is a plastic sheet ing that is placed on the lenses of the protective masks. Its function is to be able to enjoy the trainings with the bicycle and that when it has dirtied this sheet, with just pulling it back to have the lens clean.

The Tear Off for the masks of the brand 100% have a high quality laminate design and an excellent grip. Also, even if the mask wears these protective films, the quality of vision will be perfect.

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