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The masks or goggle s used in the modalities of mountain biking as All mountainEnduro or downhill keep a great resemblance to those used in other sports such as snowboarding or motocross.

During the dowhill the protection of the eyes is very important because a good vision allows to trace correctly and to circumvent the obstacles in an effective way. It is important that the goggles or cycling masks are fixed complement to the face avoiding any movement during the jumps and acrobatics. For this reason they do not use sideburns and use instead elastic tapes for securing. Another great advantage that masks offer is its resilience and ability to withstand strong impacts from both stones and branches.

Enduro masks or goggle s usually incorporate polarized lenses. These lenses protect from glare caused by the sun and adapt perfectly to the changes of light that occur between sunny areas and shady areas, so common during descents. Many lenses also incorporate anti-radiation protection for UVA rays, and are highly resistant to scratches and scrapes.

During descents it is very important to keep your eyes open at all times in order to anticipate the dangers. For this reason the choice of a good mask is essential to achieve the best results.

In the search engine and compared to CoreBicycle Cycling Products we have integrated the best online sales stores national and international. We can show many options and give the possibility that our users find the best price when buying all the masks and goggles of downhill and Enduro of the leading brands worldwide as for example: Oakley, 100%, Fox Racing, Oneal, Spy , POC, Smith, Arnette, Adidas, Dirty Dog, IXS, Thor, Kenny... Among other great brands valued and recognized around the world.

Using the CoreBicycle Searcher is very simple: you only have to filter within the category protection by masks and you will find a wide variety of masks and glasses among the most valued and used by Cyclists, for example:

  • Oneal B-Flex Launch Mask
  • 100% Strata 3d Mask
  • Oakley XS or Frame mask
  • Mask Oneal B1 RL Flat
  • Smith Optics Fuel V. 1 Mask
  • Oakley Airbrake Mask
  • Adidas ID2 Mask
  • Scott Tyrant Mask
  • ...

What are the protection goggles-masks for enduro/downhill/Freeride most purchased online?

Protective Mask 100% Goggle ACCURI INFERNO Black Frame Iridium Red

The Accuri Inferno Protection Mask has been elaborated using a thin and transparent lens so you have the best view when you go out to enjoy your bike, without missing any detail of your surroundings. In addition, the new Accuri Inferno protection mask that has released the brand 100% helps you to maintain concentration during competitions as it allows you to give 100% of you on each pedaling. This cycling mask has been manufactured with anti-fog technology for greater comfort during workouts.

The shape of the mount is specially designed to make it perfectly snug.

Goggles/Bicycle Protection mask Oakley Airbrake MX Goggles

The Oakley Airbrake MX Cycling Mask features high-strength Plutonite lenses to withstand the impacts and splashes you may receive from stones or mud during workouts with the MTB bike. These lenses contribute to greater protection, as well as a sharp, clear and accurate vision. This Oakley mask has been elaborated thanks to a collaboration with the prestigious brand Troy Lee designs, thus achieving a high-end model and excellent quality for the most demanding pilots.

The Airbrake MX mask incorporates protection against UVA, UVB and UVC, in addition to the blue light. The structure with which it has been elaborated with O-Matter material and thermoplastic urethane in order to obtain a great lightness, flexibility and resistance and has been added a triple layer foam to dry the humidity.

Cycling Goggles Oakley Crowbar MX

The Crowbar MX Protection Mask has been manufactured using a sturdy but flexible structure thanks to O-Matter material. It also has a triple layer foam that has the function of keeping the rider dry.

This protection mask uses Lexan lenses to have the best security against possible impacts of stones or mud spatters.

Oakley Mayhem Pro MX Bike Mask

The Maythem Pro MX Protection goggle s is a high-end mask model that has been developed with great strength and flexibility to have the maximum comfort on the bike. Highly breathable triple layer foam keeps you dry.

The lens with this protective mask model is transparent, which will help in low light days to have the best vision, as well as crisp, clear and accurate. The hardtail hooks will cause the pressure to be evenly distributed throughout the fastening strap.

Goggles/Cycling Protection mask FOX livekive DIVIZION SPK White/Black

The new Fox livekive Divizion Protection mask has been manufactured with a Chrome Spark lens which makes it a reference model as it also guarantees excellent performance, comfort and the best quality-price ratio.

This Fox livekive Divizion Cycling Protective mask has been able to have the optimum ventilation level during the workouts. The aeration channels are 30% higher than the previous version. It also has a triple density foam and 19mm.

Glasses/Cycling Mask or NEAL B-FLEX HENDRIX Black/green

The B-Flex Hendrix goggle s of the prestigious brand or Neal have been elaborated with the best materials and of the highest quality with the aim of guaranteeing the best comfort when going out to train and enjoy with the bicycle. The strap that it incorporates offers the best fit of the mask to your head.

These goggles are also compatible with full suspension lenses. The crystals with which it has been manufactured with anti-fog technology to ensure the best quality of vision.


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