Cycling Gloves / Short-finger Gloves / protective gloves / windproof & waterpoof gloves / Winter gloves / MTB Gloves

The main function of the cycling gloves is to protect the hands. The hands are exposed to a lot of elements that can damage them with the practice of cycling. Some of these dangers are:

  • Pain in the palm by the grip of the handlebar
  • Abrasions by Asphalt
  • Blows in the area of the knuckles
  • The cold, the wind and the Rain

Cycling Gloves / Short-finger Gloves / protective gloves / long gloves / Winter gloves / MTB Gloves

For this reason there are a wide variety of gloves that have the function of protecting the hands of all these elements. The use of gloves suitable for the type of cycling you practice is essential to obtain the protection sought. For this reason we can classify the cycling gloves in the following way:

Short finger Cycling Gloves:

The short gloves are the ones used during the summer months. Its main characteristic is the lack of the upper part of the fingers. They're the most popular gloves. Within these gloves we can distinguish between two different types:

  • Short Gloves Road: They seek to protect the area of the palm with inserts of foams or gels to be able to hold many hours on the bike without pain in this area. In addition, materials such as leather or resistant fibers are used in the palm to avoid the abrasion of asphalt in the event of a fall. The upper part of the hand is made with LYCRA or fine fabrics that offer perspiration and lightness.
  • MTB Short Gloves: They use protections in the area of the palm with thick inserts of gel or foam to help cushion the potholes, jumps and vibrations. In the area of the knuckles incorporate resistant plastic protections to protect against any fall on stones, logs, rocks...


Full finger Cycling Gloves:

There are two very different types of long gloves to practice cycling.

  • MTB Long Gloves: They are the gloves used for the modes of downhill or Enduro among others. These gloves allow to obtain a very well defined grip and touch both in the handlebars and in the brake levers and change. Some models incorporate protections in the palm and knuckle areas to protect against blows. They keep a clear resemblance to motocross gloves and offer protection against abrasions and shocks.
  • Long Winter Gloves: These are the gloves used for road cycling during the winter months. They incorporate gel or foam inserts in the area of the palm to protect the hand and avoid pain by the passing of the hours on the bicycle. When the cold is intense, the hands are one of the parts that suffer the most low temperatures. For this reason these gloves use materials that protect from wind and rain like "GoreTex", "Windstopper" among others. This is the way to prevent wind and rain from passing through the fabric and reaching the fingers. In addition, these textile materials provide a great capacity for perspiration that prevents excessive sweating of the hands.

The most purchased MTB and road winter cycling gloves online in season 2017-2018

"You can't do a great thing when you can't feel your fingers. Invest in a pair of quality gloves so you can keep pedaling regardless of the weather. "

Winter Gloves 100% BRISKER

Ultralight materials with the best design

Gloves ZERORH + ZERO 2017

Great variety of colors and carvings. Ideal for the winter season.


They provide great durability and have an unbeatable grip

Endura Dexter windproof Gloves Winter/Autumn

Excellent quality-price for its performance. These gloves will accompany you throughout the winter.

Endura MT500 Winter/Autumn Gloves

The grip pads on the brake fingers give you more control in the complicated terrain.

Endura Thermolite Roubaix Gloves Winter/Autumn

With Thermolite ® technology with high performance Repel TEFLON ® Fabric Protector for protection against all weather and durable water repellency.

Gloves SealSkinz Ultra Grip Gauntlet

These gloves are fully waterproof, breathable and wind-resistant; They have also been manufactured with Merino wool lining for warmth and humidity control.


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