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The fork is an indispensable element in any mountain bike, which also has to absorb a lot of impacts. For this reason it suffers a great wear and it is very important to keep it always in perfect condition.

Here in the search engine of CoreBicycle and more specifically within the category forks-Spare parts you can find any piece you need to keep the fork in perfect conditions of use.

Within the great variety of spare parts that you can find we offer a small summary:

  • Spring stopper
  • Compression Games
  • Protection Kits
  • Decorative Sticker Kits
  • Remote Control pushbuttons
  • Kits for mounting the remote control
  • Crowns
  • Direction Tubes

... among other spare parts. And as always CoreBicycle has at your disposal the leading brands such as: RockShox, Fox Racing, Manitou, Marzocchi, DT Swiss, Magura or SR suntour.

Now when your fork suffers a breakdown you will no longer need to buy a new one. It will only be necessary to look for the compatible part or spare and mount it to return to have the fork in perfect condition, ready to continue training with the Mountain Bike.


Do you want to buy more cheap and discount online The best spare parts for your road bike and MTB?


Complete compression KIT ROCKSHOX CHARGER Damper

The new Charger Damper compression kit that has brought the RockShox brand to the market is formed by a groupset of components that will improve the original shock absorber thus increasing its performance and a good feeling during the workouts. The new Charger damper RCT3 is of great utility and efficiency in the descents and guarantees a greater stability in the rises obtaining a constant damping reducing the vibrations of the fork.

This RockShox brand Charger Damper RCT3 compression kit is ideal for 26 "Lyrik forks, offering slow, adjustable compression. In addition, this kit incorporates a purge kit.



The new way of blocking RockShox OneLoc is an exceptional model because it offers a perfect remote control in the suspension. Also thanks to the levers you get a smoother and easier conditioning.


Quick-Lock lever BOS for fork DEVILLE

BOS's new way of quick closing is an essential element when it comes to enjoying the simplicity and comfort of a quick closure on the fork. This quick-closing model has been specially designed for the Deville fork.


FOX RACING SHOX SKF 34 MM External SEAL KIT - Front suspension

The SKF External seal kit designed for the Fox Racing Shox fork with 34 mm bar allows you to maintain good performance with a good level of fork performance. This kit is fully compatible with 20w Gold oil.


Lot of O-rings for cartridge BOS DEVILLE

The lot of O-rings that have been released the BOS brand allows to change them, so that the fork always has the best maintenance and therefore optimize performance.

This lot of BOS O-rings has been developed for the cartridge of the Daville AM forks.


Front suspension - Fork Bar BOS Idylle RARE AIR FCV 37 MM

BOS introduces us to its new model of Idylle RaRe Fork Bar, which offers excellent fork performance. This replacement bar corresponds to the Idylle RaReAir FCV forks with 37 mm diameter bars.


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