Fixie Bicycles/Bike Fixie components/Single Speed/wheels or covers Fixie 2017 - 2018

Fixies bicycles or posh sprocket s are experiencing a real revolution among urban cyclists. The possibility of "customizing" to the smallest detail all the components and aesthetics so attractive they look are being some of the reasons why they are succeeding.

The Fixie bicycles differ from the rest for a very remarkable fact. They work through fixed pinion. This fact implies that they don't carry brakes. The way it is used to brake is to make traction with the pedals in reverse, as if you pedal backwards. In this way the inertia with which it is circulated is stopped. This brake acquires the name of counter pedal. This fact requires a good mastery of the bicyclet A and a great speed of reaction in front of any unforeseen. Thanks to the fact that no changes or brakes are carried, there is a great lightness in the fixie bikes.

Nowadays many bicycles known as Fixie allow to use fixed pinion or freewheel. With the freewheel these peculiarities are lost because even if you only carry a pinion the gear system works like the other bicycles and incorporates disc brakes or clamp to brake. These bicycles lose the Fixie essence but maintain the character and design of the Fixie urban bicycles. Thanks to this change many more cyclists dare to use bicycles "Fixie" to circulate through the cities, generating a revolution fixie.

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Want to know what are the most purchased Fixie bikes online at the best price for less than €400?

Bike Fixie/Single Speed Pepita Tasmania

The single speed/fixed sprockets of the Pepita brand are very economical and very aesthetic bikes designed and manufactured for all cyclists who want to start in the world of fixie bikes or look for an aesthetic and light bike as a means of Urban transport.

Bicycle Fixie nologo Black 2018

Nologo bicycles have their origine in the east of UK. At the beginning, this brand, started making bicycles without more (clean: without logo) But when they grew up they decided to create the Nologo brand.
Currently this brand of bicycles leads the Fixie bike sales market in kingdom and much of Europe: London is coming from these bikes! ;)


The Original bike Line of the PURE FIX cycles has been manufactured and designed to excite lovers of the genre with a tight budget. They can be defined as: "Bicycles with the best performance and appearance for a content price".

Specifically, the Indian model of the Original series is a minimalist bike, sober and very elegant with a Cbox black and gold rims. This bike represents the perfect transportation option to move around the city or to go to work on flat terrain. Like the other models of the "Original" series, these bikes have a frame and a steel fork; The handlebars straight with some elevation to have a more comfortable driving position and incredible rims with 45 mm profile that give a special touch.

The Original Fixie is a versatile bike, with a flip-flop hub (reversible) with the you will be able to mount a fixed sprocket system or one with freewheel. It also includes a V-brake on the front wheel.

Fixie Bike/Bicycle White & Pink 2018

The Fixie Fabric White & Pink Bike is the new trend in cities. A model for cyclists who ask for a bike aesthetic apart from functionality. The frame is hydro formed aluminum and its shapes are designed to fit the wheels and thus achieve greater reactivity. the wheels have a very nice finish.

Bike Fixie State Bicycle Ashton 2017

With this model State wants to reach the lovers of the vintagebikes. It is a bicycle with retro shapes and components. This added to a fine line gives rise to an elegant bike, which will not leave anyone indifferent. The handlebar is flat for greater control.

Using the CoreBicycle search engine is very simple: you only have to filter within the category bicycles by Fixie Bicycles and you will find the most sought after models used by urban cyclists, for example:

  • Fixie Bike Foffa Bike Premium
  • Fixie Bike monal Ceres
  • Fixie Bike Orbea Dude 20
  • Fixie Bike Cypress Artic
  • Fixie Bike Pure Fix The X-Ray
  • Fixie Bike State Jamaica
  • Fixie Bike Pepita Dominica
  • Fixie Bike Pure Fix Echo
  • Fixie Bike 6KU Frisco
  • Fixie Bike Cinelli Bootleg Mystic
  • Single Speed Bike Route 66 Monomarch
  • 6KU Complete Bike Fixie NEW YORK Black/Chrome
  • Fixie KONA Bike PADDY WAGON Stubby Blue 2016
  • Fixie KONA Bike ESATTO FAST Black/green 2016

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