Electric Bike/E-Bike - Tour, urban, city and touring 2017 - 2018

What are the electric bicycles of tour and urban most purchased online at the best price 2017/2018?

Tour Electric bike Ghost Andasol Ross 7

This E-bike combines an elegant aluminium frame with the new generation of Bosch engines. For this model to provide even more fun, we have put on a diet until the scale marked less than 20 kilos.

It is aperfect compañante on the way to college or work, but also to live great adventures on the saddle.

Expert opinion: Go to work, scroll and reach your destination in a more comfortable way and without spending gasoline;).


The best rated electric bicycles for the city/tour 2017 - 2018

  • Electric Bike Ride WILIER TRIESTINA VOLT
  • Electric Bike Ride MATRA IFLOW D8
  • Electric Bike Ride MATRA ISTEP TOUR XT Grey 2017
  • Bh Bikes Easygo Street Electric
  • Electric Bike Ride MATRA IFLOW CONFORT N7
  • Electric Bike Ride MATRA IFLOW Comfort AUTO
  • Electric Bike Ride MATRA IFLOW CONFORT D8
  • Electric SUV Bicycle GHOST ANDASOL
  • Dahon Folding Bicycle Ciao Ei7 Electric


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